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IFTD 2018: Cortland Line

July 23, 2018


Ultralight Trout Fly Line: Built on a braided nylon multifilament, the new Ultralight fly line from Cortland is made for delicate presentations and spooky fish. It's designed with a pale yellow running line that transitions into a dark green body portion and finishes off with an aqua green front taper. Measuring 80 or 90-feet long (depending on line weight), the lines are built thin and feature very thin front tapers. All lines come equipped with welded loops and will be offered in line weights 2–6 at a price of $89.95. Available August 1st.


Trout Boss DT Fly Line: These double-taper lines are built upon the same braided multifilament cores as the Ultralight series above and are colored with an orange taper on one end, a yellow body portion, and a moss green taper on the other end. Advertised to be high floating and easy mending, they're made with aggressive front tapers with a welded loop on each end. Coming in 80 or 90-foot lengths (depending on line weight), these can be had in line weights 2–6 for $89.95 each. Available August 1st.


Tropic Plus Bonefish Fly Line: Made with a monofilament core and a coating designed for tropical weather conditions, these new lines are said to be both accurate and smooth. Sporting a color scheme that starts with a pale yellow running line and transitions into sky blue then white, this line is built with an aggressive taper and longer rear taper for stability and better loop control. Each line has welded loops, measures 105-feet long, and comes in line weights 6–9 for $99.95. Available in October.

Super Supple Nylon Tippet: From tiny dries to little nymphs, this crystal-clear tippet material should give flies a very natural, fluid drift. Cortland has built this nylon material with a controlled amount of stretch coupled with high knot strength for added peace-of-mind. Available in 30-yard spools in sizes 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, and 7x for $5.95 per spool. Available in September.

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