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ICAST 2018: Seigler Fly Reels

July 21, 2018


Seigler Fly Reels: Whether you're traveling abroad or staying close to home, when hunting big fish you need a rock-solid fly reel. Like all Seigler reels, their fly reels are made-in-the-USA and are overbuilt for the rigors of big game angling. Heck, just look at this thing—you can tell this is a no-nonsense piece of equipment! 



Fully machined using the finest quality materials, these premium fly reels come equipped with a truly unique drag system. Using a carbon/stainless drag stack, what makes these so special is that tension is fine-tuned with a drag lever on the back of the frame. By using the blue knob, you're able to set the maximum drag poundage to what you prefer, but the red lever allows you to easily set the drag from zero up to that tension setting chosen with the blue knob.



This type of system provides a lot of convenience. Let's say you're tarpon fishing and set the blue drag knob to a pretty stout poundage. When you need to strip off line, all that drag tension makes it tough to pull line off. With a typical reel, you may need to back off the drag knob a bit to lessen the tension, then readjust it when ready to fish. Not with the Seigler.


Regardless of what max setting is chosen with the blue knob, the lever can simply be moved all the way forward to instantly put the reel into the lightest "Stripping Position" setting. This takes all drag pressure off and allows you to effortlessly pull line off. When you're ready to fish, simply move the lever back into the desired position, whether that's full drag (all the way back) or somewhere in between for a little less than max tension. The lever only glides along a 140-degree path, so adjustments are super easy. It also makes it easy for you or someone else to adjust the drag during the fight, especially in a scenario like when a fish runs under the boat.



Three other noteworthy design features include a replaceable "dovetail" reel foot (an extra foot is also included) that makes for low rod-to-reel height, an asymmetrical spool that reduces bearing friction by over 25% while also reducing stress and torque on the main shaft, and a massive power handle.



Seigler offers their fly reels in two sizesMF (Medium Fly) 8–10 weight for $1,000 or the BF (Big Fly) 11–13 weight for $1,500. Each reel includes an awesome red/white/blue pouch. In addition, the box that either reel comes in has pictures of different fish on it. Not only does this add artistic flair to the packaging, but it also offers a challenge. Say what?



Seigler says that if you can catch all the species on the box and take pictures with your Seigler reel, you'll get a FREE reel! The BF box has a tarpon, GT, tuna, and sailfish on it, while the MF box is adorned with a red drum, striped bass, permit, and roosterfish. Definitely not easy, but a fun and creative challenge by the folks at Seigler!


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