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IFTD 2018: RIO Shows Off New Lines, Accessories, and.....Flies!?

July 19, 2018

Image Courtesy of RIO 


RIO Creek Fly Line: If small waters are your thing, RIO's new creek line may be just the ticket. Built on a coldwater core, this line features a taper that's ideal for both very short or more distant presentations. The MaxFloat Tip keeps it riding high, while the green/yellow color scheme keeps it visible to the angler without sending trout scurrying for cover. This line will launch in sizes WF0F to WF4F and will cost $79.99.


InTouch Big Nasty Sink Tip: Built upon RIO's low-stretch ConnectCore, this line sports a blend of three or four densities for smooth casting and allows the angler to have a straight, tight, precise connection when fishing subsurface. Perfect for big, heavy flies (as the name implies!), it will be available in the following configurations: Float/Hover/Intermediate, Float/Hover/Intermediate/Sink 3, and a Float/Hover/Intermediate/Sink 3/Sink 5. Expect a price of $99.99.


DirectCore Jungle Series: Boasting a powerful front taper for punching out bulky flies, this line is perfect for fishing anywhere there's big flies, big fish, and big heat. Speaking of heat, the hard tropical coating makes the line castable in blistering conditions, while the low-memory core keeps everything manageable. The available line styles are as follows: Floating, Floating/Intermediate (the 30-foot Intermediate head has a 10-foot clear tip), Floating/Sink 3 (20-foot Type 3 sinking portion), Floating/Sink 6 (20-foot Type 6 sinking portion). Each line will cost $119.99.

Powerflex Trout Leader Selection: RIO Powerflex leaders can now be had in two different packages, each containing three different trout leaders. There will be one pack containing three 9-foot leaders in 3X, 4X, and 5X sizes, with another pack option offering three 9-foot leaders in 4X, 5X, and 6X sizes. Regardless of which pack is chosen, expect to pay $12.99 each.


Fluoroflex Trout Leaders: These pre-made leaders will now come in a new 7.5-foot length option in sizes from 5X to 0X for $14.99 each.


DirectCore Bonefish: Geared towards the demands of bonefishing, this new line is built upon the easy-handling and lower-stretch DirectCore and features a specialized taper for easy presentations at any distance. Sporting sand/orange/blue color schemes, these lines will be available in WF6F to WF9F sizes at a price of $119.99.

DirectCore Flats Pro Stealth Tip: Two new sizes are being added to the current lineup, including a WF6F/I and WF7F/I. These lines are equipped with a 6-foot clear intermediate tip for stealthy subsurface presentations in the clearest waters. Pricing is set at $119.99.


InTouch Skagit Max Game Changer: Arriving in F/H/I, F/H/I/S3, and F/I/S3/S5 in 425–725 grain sizes, these multiple-density Skagit heads offer the angler superb casting and control when fishing larger flies. $59.99.

Image Courtesy of RIO


InTouch Trout Spey: Designed with a short head and an integrated running line, these lines are ideal for both two-handed and single-handed trout rods. Grain sizes include 230, 265, 305, and 350 at a price of $99.99.

InTouch Trout Spey Shooting Head: When attached to a thin-diameter shooting line, these short shooting heads provide quick and easy casting with both two-handed and single-handed rods. Available in 230, 265, 305, and 350-grain sizes for $49.99 each.

Image Courtesy of RIO 


InTouch Skagit Trout Spey Line: A powerful, short front taper is made for anglers swinging and stripping big flies below the surface. Available in 225, 275, 325, and 375-grain weights at a price of $99.99.

InTouch Skagit Trout Spey Shooting Head: When you pair this line with a shooting line and front tip, it makes a great all-around choice for trout spey rods. Grain weights 200 to 375 at a price of $49.99.

InTouch Skagit Trout Spey VersiTip: Offering the angler a completely matched system, each box in this series conveniently offers a shooting head, a balanced set of tips, and shooting line. Choose from 225, 275, 325, or 375-grain sizes at a cost of $179.99 each.


ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line: This line features a color change every 10-feet to help you quickly figure out casting and presentation distances while fishing. When attached to a shooting head, this line's short front taper makes for easier casts and improved turnover. $59.99

 Image Courtesy of RIO


Fly Clips: RIO's Fly Clips offer a handy solution to help you change flies quickly without having to retie. Not only is this faster, but it also preserves the length of your tippet. Fly Clips simply clip/unclip and are great for smaller size 4–13 flies, while the larger Twist Clips work well for flies 10–1/0 and require a simple twist on/off. Both clip styles will come in packs of 10 and in different sizes to better match various fly sizes. Black or bronze color schemes will be offered with Fly Clips running $3.99 and Twist Clips costing $5.99.


Kahuna LT Strike Indicator: This strike indicator is made for gentle presentations when you need to detect very subtle takes. It's made of a section of floating fly line (without the core) and is threaded onto your line with the assistance of an included wire threader. Each pack contains 3 indicators with chartreuse, orange, or white with thick and thin size options. $9.99


Backing: Who doesn't like to compliment the color of their reel with some cool-looking backing? RIO will be adding a whopping NINE new colors of braided multifilament backing including green, black, orange, pink, purple, red, light blue, dark blue, and yellow. Choose from a 5,000 yard 20-pound spool for $179.99 or 30-pound for $214.99. A red/yellow 2-tone variety will also be arriving in 30-pound / 2,400-yard spools for $199.99.


Flies: RIO enters the fly market with hand-tied specialty and popular core patterns for species swimming in both fresh and saltwater. Immediately available to fly fishing specialty shops only.



*Expect all products listed here to be available by sometime in August.


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