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IFTD 2018: The All-New Ross Animas

July 17, 2018


Ross Animas: The name may not be new, but this reel series has undergone a SERIOUS overhaul for the coming year. Completely redesigned from top to bottom, the frame and spool sport totally new machining which results in a reel that's both stronger and lighter. Taking the most extreme example, the current Animas 7/8 weighs a modest 7-ounces while the new 7/8 checks in at a mere 4.74-ounces. Sweeeeeeeeet!



Of course, the changes don't stop there. The bell-shaped arbor is now larger for a faster retrieve and slightly reduced line memory. Internally, the composite/stainless drag has been improved to be more powerful and is adjusted with a new drag knob design that's a bit lower in profile and has more grip. 



A few of the other prominent features going into each new Animas include a new "trouble-free" spool release, canvas phenolic handle, and an awesome machined silhouette of Colorado mountains on the back frame above the drag knob.



Available in matte black or platinum colors, there will be a 4/5, 5/6, and 7/8 available. Each reel is priced at $295 with spare spools costing $180 each. Animas reels should start to ship out around October 15th


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