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IFTD 2018: Brand New ECHO Fly Rods!

July 13, 2018


Shadow X: These new rods from ECHO Fly Fishing are designed to give you a competitive advantage. Flexing with a medium-fast action, ECHO says these are a "hybrid design" that "delivers pinpoint accurate casts with Euro Nymph rigs, then will pick up and deliver longer casts so you don't need to carry two rods to be competitive." Shadow X fly rods include 10'0" 2 and 3-weights, a 10'6" 3-weight, and an 11'0" 3-weight. All rods are 4-piece. Expect a price of $399.99.


Carbon XL Euro Nymph: The Carbon XL series expands this year into two different Euro Nymphing rods. Sporting the same medium-fast action as the standard Carbon XL rods, these are also said to work just fine for more standard indicator nymphing or presenting dries to rising trout. The examples I saw at the show both didn't have permanent labeling on the blanks yet. Both rods are 4-pieces, 10'0" in length, and come in either a 3 or 4-weight size. Pricing is set at a very affordable $169.99.


Full Spey: ECHO designed this series to be lightweight (the 8-weight weighs just 7.2 ounces) and well-balanced, while being able to "allow a person to flick a Scandi cast off the rod tip and still crank out long casts with a Skagit head." Sporting a medium-fast action for easy casting, all models are 13'0" long and include a 6,7, and 8-weight. Price: $549.99


Compact Spey: Equipped with medium-fast actions, these 4-piece spey rods are built a little shorter for less weight and less fatigue. ECHO says these rods match well to today's shorter head systems and compact casting techniques, but give anglers the ability to fish in tighter quarters if desired. These 12'0" rods will arrive in 6,7, and 8-weight sizes for $549.99 each.


Trout Spey: These trout-friendly spey rods give anglers extreme line control while not being too long for when casting space is at a minimum. Casting with a medium-fast action, Trout Spey rods are all 11'0" long with 2,3, and 4-weight rods on the way. $499.99


River Glass: Replacing the ECHO Glass series is the new River Glass lineup. Available in your choice of a "Glacier" or Amber color scheme, these sticks really are darn nice to look at! Each of these fiberglass rods has a nice crisp medium action along with down-locking reel seats. Six 3 and 4-piece models will be available with lengths ranging from 6'9" to 8'6" in 2–5 weight sizes. $249.99 each.

In other news.....


The standard 9'0" Bad Ass Glass (BAG) rods are going away for 2019 in favor of the shorter 8'0" Quickshot versions that were introduced last year. In addition, the ECHO 3 Salt series is also being discontinued.



*All the new rods listed here will become available sometime around late November


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