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Rapala Magnetic Release Review

May 14, 2018


While many products are designed specifically for conventional or fly anglers, there's also many of what I call "crossover products" that can pull double-duty on either side. The Rapala Magnetic Release fits right into this versatile category. Rapala is well-known for their huge array of fishing lures, but they also make some great tools and accessories that can be quite handy regardless of your preferred angling style. This is one of those very handy items that's designed to offer a quick and dependable way to attach/detach many different things you may use during the day on or off the water.



This simplistic accessory features a heavy-duty split ring on one end, two powerful circular magnets in the center, and another split ring with an attached carabiner clip. The clip appears to be aluminum since the magnets do not adhere to it, but there is a very slight attraction to the little swinging hinge. There's also a thin band of rubber (adorned with the Rapala name) wrapping around the circumference of each magnet.



The carabiner opens/closes easily and is made to clip onto anything from a belt loop to a tackle pack. On the other end, the split ring offers a more closed, secure attachment point for things like pliers, scissors, nets, keys, and more. I could even see it being used the opposite way, with the split ring being looped onto an anchor point and the carabiner attaching to your item if that's preferred.



With approximately 6.6-pounds of rated strength, a decent amount of force is required to separate the magnets when you need to remove whatever it is that's attached. On the plus side, this keeps the magnets firmly together at all times so you don't have to worry about the attached accessory/tool coming off if walking or running down the shoreline. With the magnet strength in mind, I do recommend affixing the Rapala Magnetic Release to something relatively sturdy that won't rip or break off when tugging the magnets apart with one hand. Reattaching is easy, as the magnets attract each other from about 2-3 inches away which makes for a fast, straight bond every single time—just keep your fingers clear so you don't get pinched!



The Rapala Magnetic Release is offered for just $10.19 by our friends over at Check it out right here!


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