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Grundens Breakwater Pants Review

September 4, 2017




The new Sport Fishing lineup of clothing from Grundens has impressed us thus far in our past reviews found here and here. It probably sounds funny to some, but I wear pants a lot here in sunny, hot Florida. I don't do it solely for the sun protection, but also to shield from bugs as well. I have an uncommonly-bad problem with bugs here since I get bit more than most folks and suffer effects to my skin that last many weeks. What better way to keep my legs bite and burn-free than with a nice pair of lightweight pants like the Grundens Breakwater Pants? 



Material: 96% Nylon/ 4% Spandex

Sizes: 30–42 in short/medium/long lengths

Colors/Patterns: Monument Grey (tested), Dark Slate, Olive Night, Sandstone

Protection Rating: UPF 50

Price: $89.99


This is a $90 pair of pants, so the quality better be great—and it is. The entire garment has a pleasing texture, nice modest stretch, clean seams/stitching, and quality velcro, buttons, and zipper. You can tell these are above-average pants well before putting them on. 



Tidalweave fabric is placed in key areas like the seat, knees, as well as the cargo and rear pockets. What good does this special fabric do? It provides additional abrasion resistance in these wear-prone spots. It also provides a slightly different look so the fabric doesn't totally look the same throughout the garment. As shown above, throughout the pants you can see the faint line where the Tidalweave fabric begins in certain sections.







Like the other Grundens gear I've tested thus far, the Breakwater Pants aren't just for use on the water. You can proudly wear these to the restaurant or grocery store and totally fit in. No matter where you choose to wear them, you also won't be uncomfortable in the least. Thanks to the stretchy, quick-drying, incredibly water-repellent fabric, they are extremely comfortable both in terms of ease-of-movement and controlling excess moisture.



I'd call the fit on these "slim" or "fitted" which works well for my 6'3" 190-pound frame. Being a gym-goer and walker/runner I prefer my clothes to be more on the fitted side, so these Grundens are right up my alley. I first received a size 34M from Grundens, but had to swap those out for a longer 34L size. I don't exactly have a 34 waist, but the slightly larger waistband translates into a tad more room throughout the leg, while the extra length provided by the L sizing is a necessity for my long legs. 




The only thing I'd change about the fit is the leg opening at the end. It's just slightly narrower than I'd prefer and doesn't fall over my shoe all that easily. A pinch more room would be appreciated, or maybe even a zipper at each leg bottom. Pulling the zipper up a couple inches would open the end up a bit to allow the end of the pant to fall over the shoe better.



Pocket depth all around is plenty good with lots of room for a phone, wallet, or keys. In fact, the cargo pockets on the sides of the legs will easily accept a small fly box. Inside each main hand pocket is lined with mesh. Also, the top of the right cargo pocket has a slim tool pocket that's lined with rugged Superfabric. This little pocket provides a quick storage solution for pliers without worrying about scuffs or tears when inserting/removing the tool.






All in all, I'm blown away by the Breakwater Pants. I've spent countless hours in them in temps ranging from the 50's to the mid 100's and have been downright impressed. The looks and comfort are simply off the charts! They make a great addition to the Grundens Sport Fishing lineup and I plan on grabbing an extra pair (or three) to add to my closet!


Link: Grundens Breakwater Pants

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