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IFTD 2017: Fenwick, Pflueger, and Shakespeare Fly Fishing

July 30, 2017



Fenwick World Class Fly Lines


AP freshwater Fly Lines: Built around braided cores, these lines are perfect for cold to cool temps. Built with ideal tapers for all-around fishing, they are equipped with welded loops along with slate grey running lines and light olive heads. Sizes run from WF3F–WF9F. Price: $69.99


IF Freshwater Fly Lines: Featuring the same braided cores and welded loops as the AP lines, these have an intermediate sink rate (1.5ips) and a short WF taper. The slate grey floating running lines and transparent ivory heads keep them stealthy, while the 5–9 weight sizes makes them ideal for many fly fishing situations. Price: $69.99.


AP Saltwater Fly lines: These aggressively-tapered saltwater lines are ideal for warm/tropical environments. Features include braided cores, welded loops, and ocean blue running lines/sky blue heads. Sizes WF7F–WF12F. Price: $69.99.


IF Saltwater Fly Lines: Sporting an aggressive taper over a braided core, these intermediate (1.5-ips) saltwater lines boast an ocean blue floating running line and clear head for stealth. Sizes 7–12 weight. Price: $69.99.


New double-handed lines include a Scandi Short Head in 6/7 up to 8/9 for $59.99; floating Shooting Line for $39.99; Sink Tip in WF5–WF9 for $69.99; and Switch Floating Line from 5/6 up to 7/8 for $79.99.


*All double-handed lines are for cool to cold weather and feature braided cores along with welded loops. 


Other new additions include Fenwick World Class leaders and tippet: Freshwater fluorocarbon tippet from 2.41–13.45lb in 50 yard spools for $6.99; Saltwater fluorocarbon tippet from 8–30lb in 25 or 30 yard spools for $6.99; Freshwater monofilament tippet from 2–14lb in 50 yard spools for $3.99; Saltwater monofilament tippet from 10–30lb in 25 or 30 yard spools for $3.99; Freshwater leaders measuring 9' long in 3–15lb for $7.99; and finally Saltwater leaders measuring 10' long in 8–20lb for $8.99.



Pflueger Supreme QRS Fly Reel: Winner of the "Best Fly Reel" category, the Pflueger Supreme QRS (quick release spool) is fully machined and features a polycarbonate cassette spool system for easy fly line changes. I've used cassette reels in the distant past and liked them because they are less bulky and cheaper than traditional spare spools. These cassettes lock-in securely thanks to Pflueger's advanced locking system, and each reel is capable of handling up to 4 line weights thanks to dual cassette sizes. The three reel sizes can handle 2/3 4/5; 5/6 7/8; and 9/10 11/12 lines. Price: $149.95


Pflueger Purist Fly Reel: The new Purist sports anodized/machined construction and a large-arbor design. Inside, there's a twin Rulon disc drag along with easy R/L conversion and a stainless steel spindle. The Purist comes in 4/5/6 or 6/7/8 sizes. Price: $99.95.


Pflueger Trion Fly Reel: Constructed from die-cast aluminum, the large-arbor Trion has a Rulon disc drag, stainless spindle, and easy R/L conversion. Sizes 4/5/6 and 6/7/8. Price: $79.95

Shakespeare Summit Fly Rods: Designed with a medium-fast action, these graphite rods tout titanium-oxide stripping guides, single-foot snake guides, cork grips, and engraved aluminum reel seats. Rod tube included. Available in 4-piece configuration including an 8'0" 4-weight or 9'0" 5,6, or 8-weights. Price: $59.99.



*Most products will be available by September.


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