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IFTD 2017: Whew....A Massive List of New Products From Scientific Anglers!

July 23, 2017


New Additions to the Amplitude Line Series


Scientific Anglers Amplitude fly lines are said to be the slickest fly lines in the world thanks to their special AST Plus additive and textured surface.


Amplitude Trout: Made especially for medium to long distance trout fishing with smaller flies, this line is built on a braided multifilament core and has a new taper to help with soft presentations. Each line is 90' long with welded loops and comes in WF3F–WF7F sizes. Color: Celestial blue running line/rear taper matched with a bamboo head/blue heron front taper. Price: $129.95.


Amplitude Anadro: Made for use in cool to mild climates, these lines are built upon braided multifilament cores and feature long rear tapers for longer distance and line control. Also, each Anadro line is overweighted by 1.5 sizes to better deliver bulky rigs and flies. Includes welded loops. 100' long; sizes WF4F–WF9F. Color: turtle grass running line/willow head/short green front taper. Price: $129.95.


Amplitude Bonefish: Designed for tropical climates, Amplitude Bonefish has a medium head length and new taper for improved presentations. As an added bonus, the very end of each line is colored black so you'll easily be able to identify the last portion of fly line during blazing long runs. 100' long; sizes WF5F–WF9F. Includes welded loops. Color: Surf running line/ivory head. Price: $129.95.


Amplitude Tarpon: Built on a strong core for hardcore tarpon fishing, these tropical lines have short heads to load fast and a stealthy color scheme. Like the Bonefish line, these have a 10-foot black "sighter" portion at the end of the fly line. Welded loops included. 100' long; sizes WF10F to WF12F. Color: Sand running line/surf head. Price: $129.95.



Big Water Taper: Need STRENGTH? The tropical Big Water Taper has a powerful 100-pound core and is built one size heavier to toss a big bug a long distance. Like the Bonefish and Tarpon lines, these feature the black "sighter" portion. Although these lines do not have welded loops, we're told they will include braided material for splicing your own loops. 105' long; sizes WF10F to WF12F. Color: Surf running line/sand head. Price: $129.95.


New Additions to the Mastery Series


Mastery Titan Long: Perfect for bass and other warmwater pursuits, these are built two sizes heavier for fast casts and overcoming the wind resistance of big flies. A longer rear taper helps with line control, and a braided multifilament core makes it ideal for cold to modest conditions. 90' long; sizes WF5F to WF8F. Color: Turtle grass running line/buckskin head. Welded loops included. Price: $79.95.



Mastery ART: Ideal as a general-purpose fly line, these cold-weather lines are built on braided multifilament cores and run a half-size heavier with a powerful head for easy loading. Includes welded loops. 100' long; sizes WF2F to WF8F. Color: Bamboo running line/dark olive & camo head. Price: $79.95.


New Additions to the Sonar Stillwater Series


Sonar Hover: The new Hover line is made to fish flies in the upper water column. Overweight by one line weight, it sinks at just 1 inch-per-second (ips). 105' long; sizes WF4H to WF8H. Color: Pale green running line/surf head. Includes welded loops. Price: $89.95.


Sonar Clear Camo: These lines sink at 1.25 ips and are overweight by one line size. Constructed with a camouflage core, the new clear outer material is more supple for easier handling. Welded loops included. 105' long; sizes WF4I to WF8I. Color: camo. Price: $89.95.


Sonar Clear Midge Tip: Overweight by one line size, these lines boast 5-foot clear intermediate sink tips that fall at 1.25 ips and supple clear coatings. 105' long; sizes WF6F/I to WF8F/I. Color: Orange running line/light olive head/clear sink tip. Welded loops. Price: $89.95.



Sonar Seamless Density: Running larger by two line weights, these lines come in three different varieties: Intermediate running line (1.25ips)/Sink 3 head (3ips); Sink 3 running line (3ips)/Sink 5 head (5ips); Sink 5 running line (5ips)/Sink 7 head (7ips). 105' long; sizes WF4SWF8S in different color schemes. Welded loops included. Price: $89.95.


Sonar Parabolic Sink: Also running two line weights heavier, this line sports "Seamless Density Technology" to eliminate hinging and provide a straight line path as the line sinks. This line is made with a Sink 3 running line (3 ips)/Sink 5 head (5ips)/Sink 3 tip (3ips). 105' long; sizes WF6S to WF8S. Color: Pale green running line/charcoal head/dark green tip. Welded loops. Price: $89.95.


Sonar Booby Tip: Featuring welded loops on each end, this 5-foot section of floating line is designed to be used along with a sinking line to keep your offering up off the bottom. Color: Blue Heron; Price: $14.95.


New Spey/Switch Lines: In addition to the single-handed lines listed above, there's a list of new/rebranded two-handed lines arriving: Freightliner Skagit-Float ($55.00 or $145.00 for a 4-pc tip kit); Freightliner Skagit-INT ($55.00 or $145.00 for the kit); Spey Lite Integrated Skagit ($89.95); Spey Lite Skagit Head ($49.95); Spey Lite Integrated Scandi ($89.95); Deliverance Spey *comes with 4 interchangeable tips* ($145.00); and Spey Classic ($89.95).


New Leaders


Sonar Leaders: Featuring a welded loop on the butt end, these 10-foot leaders come in floating or four sinking varieties and are built on 25-lb monofilament cores. A great add-on to single or two-handed lines. Price: $14.95.


Inshore Leaders: This salty leader is 7.5' long and is made of hard mono with a 24" 40-pound fluorocarbon shock tippet. Price: $14.95.



Tri-Color Tippet: Ideal for euro-nymphing, this strike indicator tippet changes between 3 different colors (green/white/orange) every 10 inches. Price: $12.95.


New Guide Lanyard: Includes tippet and floatant holders, fly-drying chamois cloth, and four snaps to hold various accessories. Price: $39.95.



New Backing Colors: New backing colors arrive in the form of 20-pound red/white/blue backing that alternates color every 30-feet, as well as 30-pound orange/yellow/blue backing that alternates every 100-feet. I'm going to have to pick up some of this stuff when I fill my next fly reel—really cool stuff! 5000-yard spools only. Price: $224.95 (20 pound); $274.95 (30 pound).


*Expect all of these new products to be rolling out between now and September 1st!


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