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IFTD 2017: Must-Sees From Waterworks-Lamson!

July 21, 2017


Cobalt Saltwater Reels: The new Cobalt fly reels from Waterworks-Lamson are highly-engineered with creative and advanced features. Starting with the frame, it's machined with a Dual Axis design that puts more of the structure/material at the top of the reel where both rigidity and strength matters the most. On the very top of the frame, you'll also find an embedded reel foot. 




There's plenty of porting throughout the reel, but there's no visible counterbalance on the outside of the spool and one can't be seen hiding anywhere. What gives? The rim of the reel is actually made with an alternating thickness which provides the necessary weight counterbalance simply through its design. Pretty neat stuff!




The drag system is pretty intriguing as well. An upgraded carbon cone system rotates on ceramic bearings and can produce up to 12+ pounds of force and even has the ability to be set with dual tensions. Additionally, it's actually independently certified to be waterproof down to 100 feet deep! Adjustments are done through just one revolution of the drag knob with 24 detents along the way.




These gunmetal-colored reels come with a rugged Micralox finish that is 20 times more corrosion resistant than a standard Type III finish. The Cobalt currently comes in an 11/12 size, with a 9/10 coming in about a month. Later on, a 7/8 and 5/6 will arrive by year's end. Look for pricing to range from approximately $569–$799 which includes a reel case.



Fly Rods/Reels: The new Waterworks-Lamson fly rods come in two varieties: with a standard seat or with the Center Axis Reel option. Starting with the latter, the Center Axis rods feature a reel (based on the Gen 4 Litespeed) built into the reel seat. Not only does this keep the reel out of the way a bit better, but it's said to increase castability and reduce any pendulum effect. The Center Axis rod/reel can be separated and are even sold individually. The standard rods have, well, standard silver aluminum up-locking seats!





Regardless of what rod you choose, they are all 9'0" long and come in a 4-piece configuration with medium-fast actions. The rods are outfitted with a beautiful light finish along with stainless-framed stripping guides and snake guides. Center Axis rods (by themselves) come in a 4,5,6, and 8 weight for prices ranging from $399.99 to $424.00; Center Axis rods with built-in reel combos come in the same sizes for $749.99 to $799.99. Standard seat rods come in the same sizes at prices from $399.99 to $424.99. Finally, you can buy a Center Axis reel by itself covering the same line weights for $159.99–$169.99.



All rods come with a standard divided rod tube, while combos come with a tube that can house both the rod/reel together. The 9'0" 5-weight rod and rod/reel system are available now with more models coming very soon!


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