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IFTD 2017: Nautilus Classic X and GTX Fly Reels

July 14, 2017


Limited Edition Classic X: The new Limited Edition Classic X line of reels from Nautilus blends the classic Nautilus look with the ultra-high performance of the X-series. These fully-machined reels boast a full back frame design and utilize the same Teflon/Carbon SCF-X drag for extreme smoothness and fish-stopping muscle. Feature-rich, a few notable attributes include generous porting throughout, a large rear drag knob, reel foot mounted "Hooker" to keep your fly at the ready, and a custom black spool release.



Limited to just 500 reels, two sizes will be offered initially:


  • XM for 4 and 5 weight lines. This reel accepts spools from the standard XM series reels. Weight: 4.3 ounces / Price: $335


  • XL Max for 8 and 9 weight lines. This model accepts spools from the standard XL Max series reels. Weight: 4.9 ounces / Price: $445



Both reels can be had in black or silver only with no Custom Shop options as of yet. Look for Classic Reels to be available in spring 2018.



GTX Reel: If you're seeking a slugfest from the biggest, baddest saltwater fish around, then this reel sounds like it's the deal. Weighing in at just 8.7 ounces, this beastly reel has a 5-inch diameter with a narrow spool width of 1.1 inches. With these dimensions, the GTX is capable of holding a whopping 500 yards of 60 pound braided backing.



This reel can dish out 25 pounds of stopping power thanks to an all-new braking system that's described as a "hybrid NV-G/CCF-X2/X-Series on steroids." Part of this includes a new pressure spring between two aluminum discs that rotate together for smooth, even force on the drag surfaces. The oversize drag surface itself is comprised of a carbon fiber disc on one side with a cork/Kevlar/carbon fiber disc on the other. In Nautilus' words:

"The cork acts as a compression material to ensure a smooth drag transition while the carbon fiber delivers the market-leading overall smoothness that Nautilus Reels is known for. The new Kevlar mid layer provides additional rigidity to the drag surface and spreads the pressure more evenly across the surface, insulating any heat generated by friction and dampening vibrations for the smoothest perceived drag on the market."


The impressive GTX will be released by the end of the year at a price of $1,300 and can be customized in Nautilus' Custom Shop.




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