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Artist Spotlight: Jay Talbot of Jaybo Art

June 13, 2017

I'm no art connoisseur, but I know great art when I see it.


Shortly after we created Demystifly's Instagram page less than a year ago, Jay Talbot's "Jayboart" page was one of the first artist pages I came across. Clean, concise, creative, and downright impressive, his work instantly had my attention. Jay is way beyond talented and it's clearly evident in all of his work!



I recently reached out to Jay to provide us with more background information as well as some samples we could share with our readers. Jay sent me the following write-up (down below) as well as a few awesome examples of his artwork. Be sure to visit both his website and Instagram page (also below) for MUCH more eye candy.....Enjoy!




Jay writes:


"I'm Jay Talbot, 26 years old, and I'm in my 3rd year as a full-time fish artist. I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. I'm an avid fly fisherman mainly targeting redfish, but I make sure to take a couple trips each year to Florida to fly fish for tarpon. Don't worry, if I see a nice pond that I have access to I will fish all day for bass and bream. I was living in Charleston for the last year and a half so that I could be closer to the redfish and the fly fishing community there, but recently moved back to Columbia. Columbia is a better fit for me right now because the cheaper cost of living allows me to travel more. My dream is to travel the world and fish—but I mean who's dream isn't that? (haha)


Being a full-time fish artist means that I wear several hats. By trade, my main focus is to draw and paint custom commissions for people. I draw flies, a person's fish of a lifetime, funky fish, dog portraits, and also sell decals and shirts on my website. In addition, I do some graphic design work for other companies or even sell them art to use on their clothing. Finally, I've spent the last 6 months learning how to screen print and recently have invested in a professional screen printing press. This will allow me to start screen printing shirts for any companies that need a screen print guy."



Instagram: @JayboArt




The artist and his quarry:




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