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Simms Bounty Hunter Mesh Reel Pouch Review

June 4, 2017




I consider a fly reel pouch to be a vital accessory. I've always been pretty obsessive about keeping my reels clean and scratch-free, so what better way to retain a reel's fresh appearance than to keep it covered while not actively fishing? While most mainstream fly reels do include a pouch, they are all designed pretty much in the same fashion—usually something like cordura or neoprene construction, a velcro closure, maybe a tiny drain hole at the bottom, and a totally closed design for maximum protection. Those pouches sure do protect nicely, but they also enclose the reel in a dark, damp, mold-friendly environment. Yuck. What to do? Simms Fishing has a neat solution!



Materials: 3 millimeter neoprene / 420D Nylon Oxford Mesh w/ PU Coating

Sizes: Medium (tested) and Large

Colors: Black

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 2.5 inches

Price: $14.95


My medium-sized Bounty Hunter Reel Pouch (not to be confused with Simms' Bounty Hunter Reel Case) was put together very well. All stitching appears to be very tidy, and it's void of any other cosmetic defects. Tugging on various parts of the pouch resulted in no tears or separations, and the velcro strips bind to each other firmly but not too firmly so that it would be hard to quickly take apart. The mesh material used in the pouch has a soft, rubberized feel to it, yet it doesn't stretch when pulled on. All in all, this is a quality pouch!




Simms designed this pouch specifically for housing wet reels, and that's precisely what I got it for. Particularly at the end of the day, I always hate putting a damp or soaked fly reel and line into a traditional pouch. Depending on how long it takes to get home, the reel may be in there for a few minutes or a few hours. The inside of a common pouch can trap a lot of water, crud, and salt crystals, and the growth of stuff in that dark, stifled enclosure is always a possibility. This new Simms pouch allows everything to dry quicker, but I personally wish it was mesh all the way around for maximum drying capability. The neoprene "frame" does, however, offer a solid trade-off in the form of some additional protection along a reel's rim.




Since the Bounty Hunter Pouch is more open to the elements, it can't totally shield against things like blowing dust, dirt, or salt spray. Also, if dropping the reel on an irregular surface like rocks or gravel, stuff can poke through the mesh holes and possibly nick the reel....just something to keep in mind. That said, for what it is the mesh does offer solid protection and is fine enough that a reel handle won't poke through. One cool aspect is that the reel can be rinsed off while inside the case.



Opening the pouch is a cinch thanks to the hard pull-tab on the front that provides an easy grip. Simms was smart in making the front velcro strip quite long vertically. This gives you plenty of surface area which allows for easy adjustment to fit various reel sizes. Speaking of which, I was able to fit a Sage 6010 (9/10 weight reel) comfortably into the case while mounted on a rod. To push it, I was also able to squeeze a Redington BEHEMOTH 11/12 in there, but it wasn't ideal.







I bought this pouch primarily for protecting my reels while in the rod holder of a boat or being transported in my truck. While I have no intentions of getting rid of my traditional reel pouches, over time this one will likely see much more usage than the others. It's simply a cool product and does its job very well. The Bounty Hunter Mesh Reel Pouch also comes in a Large size (7 x 5 x 2.5 inches) at a price of $19.95.



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