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Not Made For Fishing: The Redington Form Game Rod

March 8, 2017


It doesn't matter if you've fly casted for 30 years or 30 minutes, it always pays to practice.


The one issue with practicing is that not everyone has a readily-available and suitable area to do it. Between the rod length and the casting itself, a rather large space is required—usually! Enter Redington's Form Game Rod. This rod is a shortened, simplified practice rod that can be used either inside or outside. While no great distances are meant to be achieved with this diminutive stick, its purpose is to simply be a tool for practicing fundamentals like loop control, casting stroke, and timing. And, as you'll read, you can use it to have some fun competition with your fishing friends, too!



Measuring just 50-inches in length, this graphite rod comes in a 2-piece configuration and is equipped with a short cork grip and oversize single-foot guides. No reel seat or fancy cosmetics here. This is simply a practice tool, but that's not to say Redington hasn't jazzed it up a little bit. The blank sports a lava-red coloration with lime-green lettering just above the handle.



The rod is assembled very well. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from a practice rod but jeez, this little Redington exudes a fun vibe and some good quality. The cork is quite nice, the wraps and blank are finished cleanly, and there's even alignment dots to be had.



The other major part of this package is the specially-designed RIO fly line that's included. Yes, a real fly line, not rope or some other thing that's used in its place. The light green color makes it easy to track whether sailing through the air or laying on the lawn, and the 30-foot length means you can actually make some legitimate casts which equates to some solid practice sessions. 



The super-short rod length took a couple minutes for me to get used to, but once I got comfortable with it the casting came easily. It boasts a forgiving action which makes it really effortless to load, and the compact size means the rod is not just feather-light, but also very easy to control and aim. I could see a beginner really benefiting from this little tool. It provides a great way to learn the basics and you don't need a massive space in which to use it. Likewise, experienced anglers will be able to hone their skills or simply stay fresh in the off-season. If you have severe cabin fever and just have to cast something, the Form Game Rod can provide relief!



Along with the rod, line, and some yarn, there's an included clear plastic storage tube and a card that provides some instructions and even shares some casting games you can play with friends!



Priced at just $39.95, Redington makes it affordable for folks to fine-tune their skills. With the compact Form Game Rod you have no more excuses—grab one, go outside (or just stay inside), and practice!



Redington Form Game Rod





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