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How to Tie a Perfection Loop Knot

February 13, 2017

I'm a BIG fan of using loop knots. Particularly useful in fly fishing, these knots can be handy for not just tying on a fly, but for things like connecting the backing or leader butt to a fly line's built-in welded loops. It's pretty crazy how many knots have been created over the years, but there's always a select bunch that seem to stand out the most. The Perfection Loop knot is just such an example, and right now we're going to show you how to tie one!


1.) Run the tag end under the line to form the first loop.


2.) Take the tag end and come back over the main line. 


3.) Form a second loop by bringing the tag end under the line to the other side.


4.) Bring the tag end back over to the other side between both loops as shown.


5.) Take the second loop and pass it over the tag end and through the first loop.



6.) Pull the loop through until the knot cinches down. Trim the tag end to the desired length. 



The knot is complete!





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