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Fishpond Jackalope Fly Rod Tube Review

November 18, 2016


When I travel, I fish. I'm definitely nowhere near being a world-traveling fly fisherman, but my handful of yearly domestic ventures always include some serious fishing plans. I'm sure most travelers will likely agree with me that packing and unpacking is one of the downsides when leaving the comforts of home. For anglers, this can be especially difficult because of all the lures, flies, leader spools, tools, and other doodads we bring along. Personally, the biggest pain I face when readying my gear for flight is when I need to carry-on several fly rods. For years, I simply tied the three or four rod tubes together using old, thick shoelaces and carried the whole mess aboard as one unit. There's a couple of downsides to doing that and it's not very elegant, but it worked okay. Despite this, when I last flew a couple of months ago I thought "I need to figure out a better way next time." Just then, a memory from my IFTD 2016 new product coverage popped into my head: the Fishpond Jackalope Rod Tube!



Fishpond designed the Jackalope Rod Tube for those that want to carry-on up to six 4-piece fly rods (in their rod socks) at once. Constructed with a soft 420D recycled nylon exterior sporting attractive colors, this is not your typical bland-looking rod tube. Not just pretty to look at, the Jackalope boasts a very satisfying features list. You'll find smooth but rugged molded caps on each end with lockable dual zippers, and inside each of the caps are soft surfaces to cushion fragile rod tips. Other extras of note are a removable shoulder strap, built-in ID/business card holder covered by a velcro flap, two accessory loops, and a carrying handle.



The craftsmanship of the Jackalope is typical Fishpond—impeccable. Sporting beautiful seams, stitching, and materials, this offering simply exudes extreme quality overall. The functionality leaves nothing to be desired, either. The zippers operate smoothly, the shoulder strap and handle are sized nicely, and under the soft, forgiving exterior is a tube that offers solid protection. I really like the fact that the hard tube has the softer covering over it as this makes it much nicer to handle and provides a slight cushion so it won't make excess noise when packed in a tight space like an overhead bin. Fishpond also smartly made the Jackalope compatible to the interior of many Fishpond luggage items. And just to note, yes, I was able to get the advertised six 4-piece fly rods to fit inside the tube!



Unfortunately, this particular tube was just a loaner for review, but I would love to grab one of these before my next flight. It's a high-quality product that offers a fast and attractive solution when the travelling fly angler needs to tote along a bevy of rods!


Weight: 2.3 pounds

Interior Dimensions: 29.5 x 3.75" 

Overall Length: approx 31.5"


Price: $109.95



Interested in a Fishpond Jackalope rod tube?

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