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Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder Review

November 7, 2016



Fly anglers can often carry a lot of gear. When you're lugging around a bunch of fishing necessities it can be tough to keep everything organized—especially the small stuff. Personally, keeping my small leader/tippet spools easily accessible in my packs can sometimes be tricky depending on how much other gear is in the compartments. While it's not exactly the biggest problem I face while on the water, it would be a very good thing if I could access these little spools just a bit easier. What could be easier than neatly keeping the spools on the outside so they are always instantly in reach? The Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder makes this type of access a reality!



Fishpond has succeeded in turning a seemingly bland accessory into quite an attractive little product. Constructed of anodized aerospace aluminum, the lime green and burnt orange colors give it an upscale look that's pleasing to the eye. The construction is quite rigid with no sloppiness or questionable quality to be found. 



Thanks to the included clip, this neat little item will attach to a vest, a hip/chest/shoulder bag, or whatever else you can think of. The clip itself could be easier to open and hook on to things, but once it's attached it's extremely secure. I found it easiest to attach to my packs when the tippet holder was void of any spools. The clip can also be removed and the built-in hole can be used to attach to an existing clip on another item or may be used with a lanyard or retractor. Up to 7 standard tippet spools can be accommodated, and there's also a pair of adjustable rubber rings to help keep spools from sliding around.



Using the Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder is a breeze. Firmly pull on the end of the spring-loaded hinge and swing it outward to release it from the notch. Remove one of the rubber O-Rings (if desired), then slide on your spools. Put the O-Ring back on, then close the tippet holder by pulling on the hinge and seating it back into the notch. When closed, the hinge seats together quite firmly and should never open unless forced. 



Lastly, a small cutter is located on the side of the Headgate. I found it sliced lighter tippets quite easily. The cutter offers a quick method of cutting line as opposed to having to reach for a pair or scissors or clippers and also swivels completely around to make this task even easier.



Little fishing accessories like this usually don't interest me all that much, but the Headgate Tippet Holder got my attention because it looked like a product that would make leader and tippet changes just a bit simpler. After using the Headgate for myself, I was very pleased by the way it allows easy access to my line spools. On top of this, it also frees up a tad more room inside whatever pack I'm using. The $19.95 price is slightly more than I was expecting, but if you appreciate handy products it should prove to be worth every penny!



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