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Redington Shuttle Shorts Review

October 26, 2016


Here in Florida, shorts are a necessity. As a fisherman, having shorts with ample storage is also a necessity. On top of this, the fit, look, and price has to be right. I've had good experiences with Redington apparel in the past, so their Shuttle Shorts seemed like a solid bet. Would these shorts disappoint or impress?



Constructed of 100% nylon with UPF 30 protection, these shorts aren't clunky or heavy. The material also offers some solid water resistance, as water drops will bead up and roll right off. Quality control is good with no sloppiness or defects noted—just a lot of clean stitching and solid seams. Equally good is the fit and feel of the Shuttle Shorts. On me they are comfortable, roomy (but not too much), and offer a pleasing length with their 11-inch inseam that stays right around the knees on my 6-foot 3-inch frame. The rear also offers double layers for increased durability.


I prefer wearing pants for most fishing excursions due to the sun and bug protection they offer, but the Shuttle Shorts offer some impressive utility for the angler or casual-wearer alike. Starting at the top, there's belt loops, a button closure and adjacent zip fly, along with two deep hand pockets each with a bit of mesh inner lining. Turning the garment over, there's two rear pockets featuring ample room. 



Moving to the right leg, next to the hand pocket there's a nifty concealed security pocket that has a surprising amount of room and depth for valuables like a phone or wallet. Moving down the leg is a narrow but long tool port for quick storage, and just beneath it is one of the large main cargo pockets with some inner mesh lining and a velcro flap closure. The layout of the left leg is a bit more simplistic as it simply features a matching cargo pocket. Both cargo pockets offer a nice bit of room, but the way the flaps open at a bit of an angle makes access slightly less fluid.



These are excellent shorts that look great, get the job done, and (in typical Redington fashion) don't cost a fortune. One final little negative here is the lack of colors as only two are available (Grit and Russet). Waist sizes range from 30—42. Priced at a very reasonable $39.95, the cost puts them within reach of many folks. I've owned my pair for quite a while now and continue to be a fan!




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