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Seller's Remorse

October 17, 2016


If you've ever owned something like a house, car, or boat, this title may bring back a few memories. For many folks, they love and cherish items like these for long periods of time and form a special bond with them. When it's time to finally let go and say goodbye, it can cause a person to second guess their decision. I certainly felt that way when I watched my first truck disappear from sight with the new owner, or when a couple of my past boats got towed away to their new homes. All were sold for very good reasons ranging from simply upgrading to moving, but despite these legitimate reasons I always pondered my decision and felt a little down when the change of ownership became a reality. Being a devoted angler for most of my life and a tackle junkie for all but the first few of those years, I always got that same feeling when selling a special piece of fishing gear.



I've always enjoyed owning nice fishing tackle and usually tried to swap an item when it was discontinued in favor of something else or its direct replacement. It didn't matter if the rod or reel functioned great, was in tip-top cosmetic condition (I take VERY good care of my gear!), or was a personal favorite—I HAD to stay current. The problem with that was, sometimes the "latest and greatest" replacement I bought simply wasn't as satisfying as the one I had gotten rid of. Talk about disappointment!


Thinking back over the last 25 or so years of serious fishing I've done, I can probably name most or maybe even all of the rods and reels I've owned. I can honestly say that despite a few very memorable lemons back in the 1990's, most products I fished were at least "good" in my mind. When it comes to the tackle that really stood out in the crowd, I can most definitely name the items that gave me seller's remorse. Heck, I thought about calling this blog "Rods and Reels I Still Miss" since I'd still love to fish with them today! Anyhow, here's the list of memorable fly rods and reels in the somewhat-correct chronological order in which I sold them. Warning: Some serious feelings of nostalgia may occur when reading these names!


- Orvis "Rocky Mountain Flea" 6'6" #4-weight

- Lamson LP 1.5 Reel

- G. Loomis GL4 #4-weight

- G. Loomis GL4 #7-weight

- Abel Big Game #3N Reel

- Cabela's L-Tech 9'0" #5-weight.....(unexpected?)

- Abel Big Game Pt. 5 Reel



All of these rods and reels had two things going for them: great performance that really "clicked" with me and a boatload of attached memories. Each one was fished hard, caught tons of fish, and was with me for at least several years. Nowadays, I tend to practice a bit more restraint when it comes to selling special gear. I guess part of it may be me getting older and not caring quite so much about having the absolute newest stuff, but I'm also aware of the fact that I may not like what's new as much as what's old and proven. Thankfully, we are blessed with a massive selection of awesome gear these days so it's honestly hard to go wrong, but I've definitely learned to keep "special" tackle in my collection for just a bit longer than I used to!





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