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How To Tie a Blood Knot

October 12, 2016

There are many knots that will firmly connect two fishing lines together, but the Blood Knot is a time-tested favorite. Although it takes some dexterity to tie, it is a great choice for anglers that want to join lines of similar diameters and has proven to be quite strong. Wraps and lines may vary, but let's go step by step and tie a pretty standard version of this knot together!


1.) Hold the lines together....I like to cross them as shown. I find that using nice long tag ends is a big help.


2.) Pinch the two lines to form a gap/hole as shown with my left thumb and forefinger. Take the tag end of one of the lines (orange) and wrap around the main body of the other line (green) going in one direction. For this demo I'm doing 5 wraps.


3.) After the wraps are complete, bring the tag end back through the gap in the center that you're keeping open.


4.) While firmly pinching off the work you've already done, take the other tag end (green) and wrap around the other main line (orange) 5 times in the opposite direction. Make sure to still keep the center gap open as shown with my right fingers.


5.) After the wraps are complete, insert this tag end (green) through the center opening in the opposite direction as the first tag end.


6.) Pull on the main lines to tighten the knot and snug the tag ends during the process as needed.


7.) Cinch the Blood Knot down tight. As with many knots, moistening it first can help. DONE! Now just clip the long tag ends close to the knot and you're good to go!




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