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IFTD 2016: What's New With Diamondback?

July 14, 2016


New Meeker Models: Diamondback's fiberglass Meeker lineup gets two new three-piece models that will both be arriving around year's end. Look for an 8-foot #5 along with an 8'6" #6 rod. Constructed of E-glass, Meeker rods sport soft, full-flex actions, Pacific Bay Hialoy stripping guides, chrome snake guides, diamond-shaped alignment dots, and aluminum reel seats with hardwood spacers. The rods are finished in gloss black with red wraps and trim. Meeker rods also include a rod sock and fiberglass tube. Retail $295


New Flex Models: Not to be outdone, the Flex series also adds two new rods; a #6 and #8 both measuring 7'10". Like the rest of the series, these 4-piece rods use Diverse Modulus Design (DMD) to both tune and balance the rod. All casters will appreciate the medium-fast actions along with such appointments as Hialoy stripping guides, thin-diameter chrome snake guides, diamond-shaped alignment marks, and diamond-cut aluminum reel seats with new color schemes. Blanks are finished in a titanium tone along with matching wraps and silver trim. Flex rods come in a cordura-covered tube and soft rod bag. Retail $295. Available around year's end.


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