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Line Spotlight: Cortland Precision Finesse Trout II

June 25, 2016

Image Courtesy of Cortland Line 



Selective and skittish are two words that can often be used to describe trout. When faced with "touchy" fish like this, what's a fly angler to do? Often times, the answer is to downsize the fly and use as much finesse as possible in your presentation. To make things easier, Cortland offers the Precision Finesse Trout II fly lines. 


Image Courtesy of Cortland Line


Cortland made this series to excel at fishing small flies at long distances. Finesse II lines sport a fine-diameter front taper for tricky presentations, hard running-line jacket material, and a beautiful heron/light blue color scheme that keeps a low profile. Varied currents can wreak havoc on a presentation, so Cortland also made these lines easy to mend and manage. Oh yeah, they feature welded loops as well.



I threw the 3 and 4-weight lines on Powell Legacy XL fly rods and was impressed. Smooth, easy to cast, and definitely capable of some good distance while not being overpowering for finesse situations. 


Cortland Precision Finesse Trout II lines are 90-feet long and come in sizes WF2F–WF6F.



MSRP is $79.95. Visit Cortland 






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