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Stop UV Rays and Insects With New Items From Buff

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

For years, the name "Buff" has been synonymous with face shields. In fact, the name is so well known that it's pretty much used as a general reference to any face shield, regardless of manufacturer—"Hey, did you remember to bring your Buff?"

Of course, since Buff USA first hit the scene, they've broadened their horizons a bit. Currently offering other items like hats and gloves, they now provide even greater skin protection for outdoor adventurers. Although we've reviewed Buff products before, it's time to take a peek at their refreshed Coolnet UV Multifunctional Neckwear and the new Pack Trucker Cap!

Buff's Coolnet UV Multifunction Headwear with Insect Shield has been updated with REPREVE Polyester made from recycled water bottles and 5% Elastane. These lightweight garments are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and boast UPF 50 protection, 4-way stretch, and an odorless insect repellent to guard against annoying creepy crawlies like no-see-ums, chiggers, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, and flies. In addition, Polygiene odor control knocks out odor and bacteria/fungi growth, while Buff's HeiQcooling tech helps keep things cool during the hottest days.

Buff's Multifunction Neckwear is one of my favorites for neck, face, and head protection. Among the handful of brands I've tried, Buff's offerings in this category have always been a pleasure to wear, thanks to consistent cuts and their extremely soft, quality feel. This mask is no different. Not only has it protected me against sun, bugs, and blowing clouds of sand, but it actually does give off a pleasing cool sensation when there's any whiff of a breeze.

A wide variety of colors are available, including some new releases. The standard size Coolnet UV Insect Shield garments (as tested) measure 20.5 x 9 and weigh 1.2 ounces at a price of $28. Juniors sizes can also be had for $26.


To put it mildly, I'm a hat junkie. So, when Buff offered me a chance to try the Pack Trucker Cap, I jumped at it! These hats are priced at $32 and come in three colors, each with a 2 3/4-inch bill length. The adjustable elastic band on each hat allows for a fit between 54–62 centimeters, and there's a secret interior mesh pocket for stashing small items.

I will say that the flimsiness of this hat kind of threw me off at first. However, thanks to that lack of rigid structure, a handy aspect of this hat is how small it will pack down, which allows for easy portability in something like a small pack or a pants pocket. Also, although the bill is very soft and pliable, it can still retain a bit of curvature—a must for someone like me who doesn't want to wear a flat bill!

I wore this hat during a recent trip to Pyramid Lake, NV, which some folks know can be violently windy. And, as luck would have it, the wind was shrieking late in the first day and much of the second. While I prefer wind there because it makes fishing WAY better, I had visions of the hat's soft bill flopping around all over the place. I was so concerned that I brought one of my old standby ball caps in my backpack in case the Buff became an annoyance.

Surprisingly, the bill of the Pack Trucker Cap gave me no issues whatsoever. I can honestly say that the wind was probably gusting to 50mph or more during a good chunk of my time there (thankfully in more of a westerly direction which kept things fishable), but no matter how I faced the wind, I didn't have a problem.

While this cap is light, breathable, soft, and feels quite comfy on my big melon, the rear adjustment isn't my favorite. Although it works fine and the cap feels good to wear for long periods, the design creates a bulge at the rear.

In addition, I do wear the cap a bit tighter than I prefer. If I loosen the band to where I truly want it, its end can no longer be securely tucked into the cap and just hangs loosely—not a big deal, but a look I don't really want.

The Buff USA brand continues to offer some solid items for anglers, hikers, runners, and more. With other new products, including the Sun Bucket Hat and Pack Speed Cap, I hope their product lineup can continue to keep expanding well into the future!

Check out Buff USA HERE


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