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Simms Waypoints Rain Jacket Review

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

When it rains it's not always cold outside. Growing up in Northern California, our wet season was from roughly November through April when cold fronts would come in off the Pacific giving us rain for several hours to maybe a full day or so. Fishing in those conditions was often a cool to downright cold experience, so typical heavier-duty rain gear was often required. Here in South Florida, that need isn't nearly so frequent.

On days when the temperature is up and the rain starts to fall, the last thing I want is a rain jacket more appropriate for a chilly climate. Especially important during our tropical summer rain storms, my goal is to keep the rain off me while also avoiding profusely sweating underneath my gear. Surprisingly, the only time in my life I'm pretty sure I was nearing hypothermia was when I was soaked by a heavy summer rain shower one late August afternoon here in Florida. While the temp was plenty warm, it was the cool rain coupled with the wind from the ride back to the ramp on an open skiff that got me.

I recently set out looking for a light rain jacket that was both very packable and appropriate for use on those sultry days. I found exactly what I was looking for in the Simms Waypoints Jacket.

Designed as a lightweight outer layer, the Waypoints Jacket features 2.5 layer Toray fabric, a drawcord-adjustable hood and hem, velcro-adjustable cuffs, chest pocket, and two mesh-backed hand warmer pockets. On my 6'3" 190-pound frame, the size L fits me very well with good length and an attractive cut that isn't bulky. The jacket's breathable material also features a bit of 4-way stretch to it which adds to the comfort and mobility.

There is no heft with this jacket—it's VERY lightweight! Another thing you don't need to worry about is the size as it folds or rolls down super small for easy packing. In addition, it can roll entirely into its own chest pocket to really minimize the space it occupies when stowed away (as shown in the picture above). I love the fact that I can keep it in my Simms Dry Creek boat bag and there is still a ton of vacancy left in there for things like a lunch and gobs of tackle.

Thus far I've worn my Waypoints Jacket in temperatures ranging from cool to warm and in sunny to rainy weather. It's been flawless at keeping the rain out and doesn't trap a ton of heat inside like a thick heavy-duty rain jacket might. However, this is a jacket so it still does provide a minor level of insulation. For this reason, I also found it useful to wear on sunny days with 0% chance of rain for a hint of added warmth if the temperature was just a few degrees too cool.

This is a quality piece inside and out and feels great to wear. The $149.95 price is what I'd categorize as premium, but what you get in return is typical Simms high quality and functionality. The Waypoints meets my needs perfectly for rainy weather and more!

Available colors include Slate (tested) and Admiral Blue. Sizes range from S–3XL

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