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RIO Products Video: How to Find Rising Trout

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

From RIO Products:

In this episode of RIO's "How To" series, Chris Walker talks about finding rising trout for targeting with dry flies. For many, catching a free rising trout on a dry fly is the pinnacle of fly fishing excitement, skill and enjoyment, but knowing where to look in a river to have the best chance of finding a dry fly feeding trout is a skill in its own right.

Chris highlights three different types of water that usually provide the best chance of finding a rising trout. He also explains what requirements a trout needs to take up a feeding station in a river, and finishes with some great tips on how to tell if the trout is small or large.

RIO's "How To" videos are a series of short films that explain all you need to know to learn a particular way to fish or cast. Where applicable, each film talks through the gear that you need, shows how to rig the gear, how to read the water, and how to fish that particular technique. These educational films are packed with information and top tips designed to improve the knowledge and skill level of all fly fishers. Each one is bought to you by a RIO employee or a RIO brand ambassador.

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