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Redesigned Redington STRIKE II Fly Rods

Words and images courtesy of Farbank/Redington

Love reading water? Strategically pick apart every pool and riffle? Determined to catch a fish in that hole despite all the challenging variables? Well then, the new STRIKE is the rod for you. Built specifically for the euro nymph angler, you can maximize your fly fishing opportunities with spellbinding precision.

We dreamt up the STRIKE to give the angler an advanced fish catching advantage for specific euro nymphing applications. A new, improved, focused model list covers the most popular length and weight for euro nymphing applications. In addition, the STRIKE features a new medium-fast action blank, improving accuracy and ease of casting. With a traditional down-locking reel seat, micro-fighting butt, single-foot guides, and re-shaped handle for better balance points, the STRIKE is tuned and outfitted for the finest details applied in euro nymphing techniques.

Added features include a new stripping guide, optimally positioned to remove line sag, and two tip-positioned snake guides that prevent fine leaders from wrapping around the guides when casting or repositioning the drift. Complete with superior presentation control and strike sensitivity thanks to a new uber-responsive tip.


  • Medium-fast action, with new extra-sensitive tip section for increased strike detection

  • Re-shaped handle, allowing the angler a better balance point closer to the reel

  • CNC machined anodized aluminum reel seat with micro-fighting butt

  • Single-foot guides to reduce weight

  • Two tip-positioned snake guides prevent fine leaders from wrapping around the end of the rod

  • Unpainted blank for stealth appearance and prevention of rod flash

  • Epoxy-coated section tips to prevent sticking points

  • Includes ballistic nylon rod tube with built-in rod dividers

  • Lifetime warranty

Sizes: 2100-4, 3106-4, 4106-4

MSRP: $349.99

Redington STRIKE


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