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Redesigned BUTTER STICK and NEW Trailblazer Rods from Redington

(From Redington/Farbank):

Don’t be fooled by good looks—get ready to deliver flies as delicately and accurately as needle to record.

New for Spring 2022, Redington has completely revamped the fiberglass cult-classic BUTTER STICK. Its fresh new look carries a strong nostalgic design from the days of shag carpet, roller disco, and Hendrix rippin'. And like all things good and vintage, it's as aesthetically pleasing as it is fun and functional. Whether you're fishing blue lines for brook trout, slingin' dries on tasty tailwater, or chasing bucket mouths at your local bass pond—the BUTTER STICK bend will have you buggin' out.

The all-new BUTTER STICK comes with a Translucent Sunshine Yellow blank which looks as radical as it feels in hand. Redington’s fiberglass T-glass construction improves overall rod strength and our Heritage Design provides a classic medium action casting stroke—taking you back to a time when living in the moment was everything.

"Mucho butter, mucho fun. I'd cook my taco tortilla with it."

- Mario Guel @tacoflyco

“The Butter Stick landed a 4ft shark once, true story.”

- Matus Sobolic @matus_sobolic

Redington has added new upgrades to the handle, including a Traditional Half Wells for a more comfortable grip, a cork reel seat for (even more) retro styling, and a Threaded Lock Nut to keep your reel exactly where you need it. The BUTTER STICK is now a 4-piece rod for smooth travel and convenient storage.

The BUTTER STICK comes in 3 sizes: 7’ 3wt, 7’6” 4wt, and 8’ 5wt. Included are a rod tube and lifetime warranty. MSRP: $279.99

Check it out here:


Redington’s all-new TRAILBLAZER is ready for anywhere you want to go because there are no good reasons to leave your fly rod at home.

The TRAILBLAZER IS DESIGNED to fit into all your outdoor adventures—whether your rig is packed to the gills with necessary provisions for a cross-country road trip or your backpack can't stash any more weight. The all-new 6-piece rod is designed with a small footprint and compact tube, ideal for long treks. Seriously, it's the lightest rod we've ever built. The TRAILBLZER is complemented by a spicy red blank with hints of neon green to set your style and adventures ablaze.

“As a photographer, I'm always packing a heavy load no matter where I'm fishing: camera, lenses, rod, flies, water, etc. So having a rod that lessens the load and packs down small is a game changer—especially on days when getting to the spot requires a long hike.”

-Dave Reilly @the_lifeofreilly_

“Hiking into the high country will forever remain my favorite way to wet a line, so having a light and capable 6-piece rod is key! The Trailblazer has just the right action to punch through windy conditions and roll cast far out when a tree-lined shore isn't working in my favor.”

-Jean-Marie Bousquet @thejeanbug

Scouting for risers at high alpine lakes? Pack the 9’ 5wt for the little extra oomph needed to punch through windy conditions. Prefer to bushwhack through small streams in the backcountry? Reach for the 7'6" 3wt to accompany you on ultra-light activities.

Sometimes the best fly fishing adventures come with a long walk in the woods, spontaneous roadside stops, and a rod that rises to every opportunity. When the backcountry beckons or the open road calls, The TRAILBLAZER sets the standard for durable, lightweight, and compact travel wherever the map leads.

The TRAILBLAZER comes in 2 sizes: 7’6” 3wt 6pc and a 9’ 5wt 6pc. Included is a compact rod tube and lifetime warranty. MSRP: $249.99

Check it out here:

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