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Product Alert: New Fly Rods from Waterworks-Lamson and ECHO

(images: Waterworks-Lamson)

Waterworks-Lamson's new Radius fly rods feature an "ideal mix of deeper flex and quick recovery" for improved feel. Crafted from multi-modulus medium-fast blanks, they sport dark pearl finishes with dark smoke and chartreuse accents, Flor-grade cork grips, SiC stripping guides, and Lockdown reel seats with wood inserts.

Available in 9-foot 4-piece 4,5, and 6 weight sizes, each model is priced at $429.99.


In addition, the existing Waterworks-Lamson Velocity lineup of fly rods adds a second 6-weight model that's equipped with a fighting butt, so now anglers can choose from both versions. This model carries a price of $429.99.


(image and description from ECHO Fly Fishing)

Designed from scratch with the advanced angler in mind, ECHO Fly Fishing’s new TROUT X rods will change your game. Typically, rods are designed to excel on 30-50 foot casts. TROUT X rods ditch that “magic range” mentality with a unique curve that we call Variable Sweet Spot (VSS). This innovative approach allows expert casters to make optimal casts at any distance. Whether you’re targeting a small rainbow in a mountain stream or shooting across big open water, ECHO’s VSS technology is ready to deliver perfect casts.

“These rods are made with a flex curve that will help medium to advanced casters cover more water over more conditions than any rod we have produced in the past,” says ECHO’s Tim Rajeff.

TROUT X rods are four-piece setups with a mist green finish to help them blend into most trout environments. The snake guides are chrome plated for less friction and the stripper guides help improve line shooting. Half-wells grips and beautiful burlwood reel seats finish the look.

Available Models:

- 7'6" 3 weight

- 8'4" 4 weight

- 9'0" 4 weight

- 9'0" 5 weight

- 9'0" 6 weight

Price: $399.99

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