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Preview: Cheeky Sighter Fly Reels and Sink Tip Fly Lines

(descriptions and images courtesy of Cheeky Fishing)

Cheeky Fishing Launches a New Reel and Sink Tip Fly Line for 2023

Cheeky Fishing makers of performance fly fishing equipment is proud to bring new reel and new sink tip fly line to the market.

The New Sighter Reels set the bar for versatility and value. With a full cage frame design, the new Sighter is light enough for your standard 9-foot, 5-weight rod, but is also at home with thin-line set ups and running lines found in popular Euro-nymph and switch/spey line configurations. Cheeky’s award-winning Rev Carbon Drag allows this reel to punch far above its weight class in the drag department. And, this kind of value and versatility is way below the price point you’d expect for this type of innovation and design. Prices come in well under $200.

We are proud to add the all-new Sighter Fly Reels to the Cheeky lineup. Sighter comes in four sizes ranging from 2 weight to 9 weight compatible and starts at $169.


The New Cheeky All-Day Sink Tip Fly Lines are made for streamer fishing fun. With 15 feet of sinking tip, these aggressively tapered lines help you get your fly to the depths where you know those giants swim. Designed by Cheeky, the All-Day Sink Tip lines add enough sink rate to give you real versatility on the river and lake or for chasing salty critters.

Although in the 2023 product line, both products are available later this Fall.


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