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NEW: Orvis Helios 3 Blackout Fly Rods

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

I'm a big fan of the Helios 3 rods and own H3D 4 and 5 weights in my personal arsenal. Lightweight, fast, and really fun to fish, Orvis is adding three new models to the rod family which feature some unique lengths and cosmetics. These new "Blackout" models appear to fill some niches that anglers may find very useful.

(All images courtesy of Orvis)

Excerpt from Orvis:

"A product of strong collaboration, the Blackout rods are high-concept, extremely specialized fishing tools—each conceptualized in a partnership between our storied guides and gear designers. New models include a scenario-specific 9'5" 5-weight, an 8'5" 8-weight boat rod, and an 11' 3-weight Euro-nymphing rod."

All 3 rods are built with:

- Type III anodized aluminum reel seats in a midnight black color with matte midnight carbon inserts

- Black blanks with black wraps

- REC recoil snake guides

- Stripping guides are titanium with SiC inserts

What we see these rods being great for:

5wt -- This rod looks ideal for increasing casting distance, reach, and line control. For shore anglers, it should be great for the same reasons with the added benefit of being able to elevate the back cast above shoreline obstacles like brush or fences.

8wt -- Just like Orvis states, this rod should be awesome for quick directional changes and rapid one-shot casts. Sight fishing instantly comes to mind here. In addition, shorter rods like this one typically excel at precise target casting or when trying to sneak a fly under overhanging mangroves. Snook, anyone??

3wt -- As intended, this rod will be the perfect tool for European nymphing and dealing with a lot of tricky currents.

Made in the USA, all Blackout rods are backed by a 25 year guarantee. Currently, it appears that the 3 weight is an "F" model, while the 5 and 8 weights are faster "D" models. See more and find yours using the link below!

Orvis Helios 3 Blackout Rods


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