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New for 2021: Temple Fork Stealth, Blue Ribbon, and LK Legacy Fly Rods

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Image: Temple Fork

Stealth Fly Rods

Made with euro nymphing in mind, TFO's new Stealth rods are designed to deliver accuracy, fast recovery, and excellent balance. These rods sport down-locking aluminum reel seats, single-foot snake guides, and are delivered with a sock and tube. There will be two 4-piece models available including a 10'0" 2-weight and 10'6" 3-weight with both priced at $299.95.


Image: Temple Fork

Blue Ribbon

Specialized fly rods can be extremely useful in certain situations, but versatility is often the name of the game. For those seeking more well-rounded fly rods that are easy to cast, there's the new Blue Ribbon series. Designed for small to large flies in both trout and warmwater fishing situations, their medium-fast actions should appeal to a broad range of anglers.

Image: Temple Fork

All rods are 4-piece and include a tube and sock. There will be 11 models ranging from 2–7 weight in lengths from 7'6" to 10'0". Expect prices of $239.95-$259.95.


Image: Temple Fork

LK Legacy

An evolution to the popular BVK series, the new LK Legacy series pays tribute to fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh. Designed with intermediate to advanced casters in mind, these rods use new materials to reduce weight and boast fast, precise actions. All are 4-pieces and both single and two-handed models will be available.

A total of 11 single-hand models will arrive in 8'0"–10'0" lengths and in line weights from 3–8. Prices are set at $269.96-$299.95.

Image: Temple Fork

Two-handed models include five rods from 11'6"–13'6" and 6–8 weight sizes. Each rod will be labeled with both a grain window and gram weighting. Expect pricing at $399.95 to $409.95.

*All LK Legacy fly rods include a tube and sock.

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