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New ECHO Boost Fresh Fly Rods

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

(images and text courtesy of ECHO Fly Fishing)

ECHO Fly Fishing’s original Boost fly rods are renowned for their crisp, fast action and balance of power and precision. Updated for 2023, the new Boost Fresh series is designed to help anglers who possess an aggressive casting stroke and are looking for maximum line speed. Boost Fresh are modern, fast action rods that excel at catching all freshwater species, in any conditions. The new updates lighten the rod and refine the action providing the feel needed to initiate a cast while and extra power in the bottom half for cranking out long casts.

The Boost Fresh family of rods takes advantage of lighter blank construction, which contributes to higher line speeds and reduced fatigue during long days on the water. The construction helps reduce shock waves in the line as the loop unrolls on back and forward casts. Boost Fresh rods help eliminate tailing loops and are designed to deliver your fly on target in tough conditions or when throwing bulky flies.

Many years of design experience have taught ECHO’s Tim Rajeff that the more power a rod has, the more it should also have a corresponding fast action. “The Boost Fresh lives up to its name. It will become your go-to rod when the wind picks up and conditions get tough,” says Rajeff.

Boost Fresh rods come in four pieces for easy travel. They have a half-wells handle, ceramic stripper guides and are bathed in metallic olive paint. The new series is available in four weights and sizes for a wide variety of fishing scenarios:

4wt 8’0” BSTFRESH-480

4wt 9’0” BSTFRESH-490

5wt 9’0” BSTFRESH-590

6wt 9’0” BSTFRESH-690

ECHO Boost Fresh fly rods are priced at $279.00 each.


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