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New Casey Underwood Edition Abel Reels

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Images and words by Abel Reels:

Every now and then, we come across an artist whose work naturally fits Abel's palette of custom finishes. This time, we're proud to collaborate with outdoor artist Casey Underwood.  Check out all the details below. 

- Six original Casey Underwood designs created to correspond with a specific model in the Abel lineup

- Each reel is individually laser engraved, and put through a proprietary polishing/texturizing process featuring an innovative, first of its kind finish

- Though complicated, the process requires less time than our hand-anodized graphic finishes, allowing for a Base Price + $200 premium on gloss black, or + $300 on any solid color gloss finish reel

- Reel color, drag knob, and handle can each be customized to create your own unique Abel + Casey Underwood edition reel

(click on the following images to enlarge)

Build Your Casey Underwood Edition Abel Reel

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