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New 2021 Tools From Loon Outdoors

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Ergo Dubbing Pick

The Loon Ergo Dubbing Pick is designed to pull up or tease out fibers. The tool consists of a powder-coated yellow handle with a bundle of thin wires sticking out. These wires are not sharp on the ends, so I found the tool very safe and user-friendly to use. It does a fine job of fixing fibers on flies both new and used. MSRP: $12


Ergo Knot Tool

When your fly line doesn't have an end loop anymore or you just prefer a direct connection to the leader butt, a nail knot is a dependable and common go-to knot. Like any knot, you want to make sure it's tied correctly. A knot-tying tool helps immensely, and the new Ergo Knot Tool makes achieving a perfect nail knot quick and easy. MSRP: $12


Prime Scissors

Available in both 5-inch and 6-inch sizes, Loon Prime Scissors are made from surgical-quality stainless steel with sharp cutting blades. I really like these for more heavy-duty jobs like snipping mono, clumps of fibers, and the like. MSRP: $30 (5 inch) / $32 (6 inch)


Rogue Hook Removal Forceps

These forceps sport soft-touch grips and curved jaws for easier barb squashing or hook removal. The inside of the jaws feature both ridged and flat sections. As added bonuses, there's also a hook removal loop built into the outside of the jaws and a small spike for clearing hook eyes. MSRP: $18

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