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ICAST 2020: New Fly Rods and Reels from Greys

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

GR80 Streamflex Rods- A favorite the world over, the Greys GR80 Streamflex range of rods lifts the bar again with upgraded actions and construction benefitting from the inclusion of 3M Powerlux™ 1000 resin. Each rod is individually designed for the challenges of specific techniques from delicate dry fly work to technical Nymph styles. The new upgraded Streamflex Plus model with longer extension section creates the ultimate all round light line Nymph rod.

• 3M Powerlux™ 1000 resin & high modulus carbon construction

• Custom Greys reel seat with dual locking rings

• AAA cork handles

• Section line up marks

• Hard partitioned rod tube

Models range from 6'6"–11'0" in weights from 3–6.

MSRP $325.95–$395.95


GR60 Fly Rods- An extensive range of high performance, modern fly rods including single handed, double handed and switch models. Our first fly rods to utilise our tried and tested TOREON® nano blank technology, making the rods lighter and stronger than standard carbon fibre.

• TOREON® nano composite technology used in blank construction

• Two tone anodised aluminum reel seat with woven carbon spacer

• AAA grade cork grips with composite cork tippings

• Stealthy black satin blank finish

• Rod ID line up marks

• 4 piece construction

• Complete with cloth rod bag and protective rod tube

Single-hand models span from a 6'0" 3-weight up to a 9'0" 8-weight. The three Switch Rods are all 11'1" and include a 6/7, 7/8, and 8/9.

MSRP $199.95–$225.95 Single-Handed; $295.95 Switch


GTS 300 Reel- The GTS300 offers a step into the Greys fly reel family and is fantastic value for money. The die cast full aluminum construction offers a great strength to weight ratio, and the reel features a Rulon disc drag system.

• Large arbor design

• Rulon disc drag

• Full aluminum construction

• Easy left to right hand conversion

Models include a 4/5/6 and 6/7/8.

MSRP $59.95


GTS 600 Reel- Manufactured from full 6061 aluminum bar stock, the GTS600 offers unrivaled value for money. The reel is ultra-lightweight and features a Rulon disc drag system.

• Manufactured from full bar stock 6061 aluminum

• Rulon disc drag

• Quick spool release with simple left to right hand wind conversion

• Supplied in a Neoprene pouch

These reels come in 4/5/6 and 6/7/8 sizes.

MSRP $129.95


QRS Reel- We developed the groundbreaking QRS (Quad Rating System) cassette reel for the avid angler who fishes a variety of situations. The unique spool system allows the angler to fish 4 different line sizes on the same size reel, simply by changing from one spool size to another at the flick of a switch.

• Manufactured from full bar stock 6061 aluminum with clear polycarbonate spools

• Reel supplied with 4 cassettes (2 of each line size), along with line identification pins

• Rulon disc drag

• Unique ‘QRS Locking System’ for ease of spool release

• Supplied in a Neoprene pouch

QRS models include a 2/3/4/5, 5/6/7/8, and 9/10/11/12.

MSRP $139.95–$159.95

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