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How to Tie a Trilene Knot

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

There are so many fishing knots out there that it can seem confusing as to which one(s) to use.

As a kid, the first knot I came across and became proficient at was the Trilene Knot. Named after Berkley Trilene fishing line, I was immediately drawn to the knot's extreme simplicity and advertised strength. Ever since I learned how to tie it over 25 years ago, the Trilene Knot has undoubtedly been one of my top 3 most-used knots. It seems like knots such as the Improved Clinch and Palomar get a lot more press on both the fly and conventional sides of the fishing world, but the Trilene has my utmost confidence and I can tie it with my eyes closed.

The folks at Berkley say...

"A stronger version of the Improved Clinch, the Trilene Knot has yielded 100 percent of the line’s original strength when tested on Berkley’s Knot Wars equipment. It was developed by Berkley specifically for use with its monofilament lines, and excels for joining swivels, leaders and lures to mono and fluorocarbon. After a few practice runs, the Trilene Knot quickly becomes second nature, and is especially easy to tie with lighter pound tests."

Tying this knot is incredibly easy. Here's how...

1.) First, run the tag end of your line through the eye of your hook, swivel, etc.

2.) Run the tag end through the eye again which forms a loop. Pull the tag end or main line to make the loop smaller.

3.) Now, wrap the tag end 4 or 5 times around the main body of line.

4.) Put the tag end through both loops that have been created.

5.) Moisten the knot thoroughly and cinch it tight. Clip the tag end and you're done!

Generally speaking, this knot is awesome for the tippets and flies I use. Do note that it can be tough or impossible to use on some hooks because, depending on the diameter of the hook eye relative to your tippet, your line may only be able to pass through the eye just once.

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