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How to Tie a Rapala Knot

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

For those readers that enjoy both fly fishing and conventional fishing as I do, the Rapala name is instantly recognizable. Famous for their absolutely huge lineup of hard baits, they actually offer a large array of other products ranging from fillet knives to rods. They also give us anglers something that is totally free―the Rapala Knot.

The Rapala Knot seems to get absolutely no attention in the fly fishing sector. That's a real shame because I have used the knot for years and have a lot of confidence in it. When fishing streamers, I love a good loop knot for really allowing the fly to move as freely as possible and the Rapala Knot is my go-to in this regard.

One great thing about this knot is how easy it is to tie. It takes just seconds, doesn't require extreme dexterity or any special tricks, and can be tied with lighter or heavier tippet. I regularly use the knot in standard form with my 30 pound fluorocarbon shock leaders for snook fishing, but heavier tippets may require one less wrap for a tight and tidy knot.

Here is how to tie this simplistic and awesome knot...


Tie a simple overhand knot (but don't tighten it)


Put the tag end through the hook's eye then through the overhand knot


Wrap the tag end around the main line 3 times


Bring the tag end through the main loop


Now, bring the tag end back through the new loop that was just created


Moisten the knot and cinch it down tight. I like to start by simultaneously pulling on the hook and tag end, then will finish off the cinching process by pulling on the main line and the hook. I often repeat both just to ensure the knot is as tight as possible!

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