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Get Off the Beaten Path With Titus Adventure Company

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Words and Images by Formidable Media / Titus Adventure Company:

We know anglers are constantly on the hunt for the ideal way to get on the water, stay socially distanced (even before COVID), and maximize their time outdoors. 

Fortunately, Titus Adventure Company has the ideal solution for fly fishermen and fisherwomen in Colorado. 

Positioned at the intersection of the Sharing Economy and the Overlanding movement, while at the same time helping a growing number of Colorado transplants access the West’s wild places without adding to the traffic congestion of the Front Range, TAC founder Travis Titus saw a need and quit his job as an engineer to begin solving a problem.

Titus Adventure Company launched last summer with a full fleet of Toyota adventure rigs, currently featuring Hank, Patsy, and Willie. For the first time ever, anyone in Colorado can now rent a fully outfitted overlanding rig right from their phone, and pick it up in Denver while your vehicle sits in an enclosed garage. For an extra charge, you can have it delivered to your doorstep, office or from the airport using Lyft concierge service. 

In addition to carbon-neutral vehicles with guaranteed 4WD and high-end all-terrain tires, the new Fly Fishing Rental Package includes:

  1. Fly Rod Holder (2-rod, River Quiver)

  2. Handmade fishing net (Over and Out)

  3. Binoculars

  4. Alu-Cab 270-degree Shadow Awning

  5. Leatherman

  6. Headlamp

  7. Battery Jumper Kit

  8. Yeti Roadie Cooler

  9. Sunscreen

  10. Topo maps

  11. Waterproof playing cards

  12. First Aid Kit

  13. Roll-a-table and chairs

  14. Goal Zero power station

  15. Lantern and LED light string

  16. Water jugs

Research has shown that most people, regardless of what type of vehicle they own or drive on a daily basis, only camp in the high country an average of five times per year or less. We also now know that approximately 30 percent of all greenhouse gases in the U.S. come from transportation, and vehicles are responsible for 15 percent of all carbon emissions globally. TAC’s approach to convenient, shared vehicle ownership will help reduce Front Range congestion, pollution, and make it more affordable for people to get out and live the overlanding lifestyle, even if that means winter camping.

Titus Adventure Company (TAC) plans to grow as a hub for overlanding and outdoor adventure information, as well as expansion into other states. TAC founders are lifelong adventurers and experts in the areas of overlanding, hiking, climbing, hunting, cycling, fly fishing, winter sports, and family camping. Look for a Titus Adventure Company branded vehicle at an apartment complex, business or hotel near you.

Titus Adventure Company


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