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IFTD 2019: Hardy and Pflueger

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Hardy MTX-S Reels

A bold step forward in reel design, the new Hardy® Ultralite MTX-S is our first fly reel to feature a hybrid carbon fiber / alloy main frame construction with a sealed disc drag system. Strong, light, and with a stunning industrial design, the MTX-S features a carbon fiber drag system, 340 degree color-coded regulator, captive spool release, and high line capacity.

These reels are available now. Sizes include a 3/4/5, 5/6/7, and 7/8/9 with a retail price of $449-$549.


Hardy Limited Edition Trout Perfects

A rare opportunity to own a piece of Hardy® history. Our classic 3 1/8" Wide Spool Perfect®, now offered with a beautiful Charles Jardine original artwork applied directly to the side plate. Limited to only 100 pieces per model featuring stunning Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Grayling artwork, the time proven perfect check system, and that classic ‘Perfect’ sound. The reels are engineered from bar stock aluminum with a naval brass one-piece spindle, and feature stainless steel ball bearings for frictionless running and an ivorine handle. Presented in a block leather reel case with a handmade turn screw tool and limited-edition packaging, each reel is individually numbered. The limited edition reels are available now and retail for $1,199.95.


Pflueger Supreme Fly Reel

A high specification fly reel for all fly fishing scenarios, the Pflueger Supreme fly reel is our flagship fly reel model. The reel is made with full bar stock construction in a large arbor format for quick line retrieval. The reel features a centralized twin Rulon disc drag system, tool-less conversion from left to right-hand wind, and a neoprene pouch for safe keeping. The Supreme Fly Reel is lightweight, but strength is not sacrificed.

The reel is available in five sizes to accommodate lines from 2–12 weight, as well as Spey and shooting heads. The new reels are available now and retail for $249.95-$289.95.

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