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IFTD 2019: Waterworks-Lamson

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Since our first Force and Purist reels were introduced in 1996, Waterworks-Lamson has set the standard for fly reel design. From the world’s lightest machined reel (Force) to the best value in fully machined reels (Guru) to the best-performing hybrid die cast and machined reel (Liquid), Waterworks-Lamson has consistently pushed the frontiers of design, performance and value. Our new lineup for 2020 takes these standards to a new level.

We’ve always believed that form shouldn’t just follow function, but be inspired by it, and that good design emanates from a harmonious expression of both. The basic parameters – weight, retrieve rate, line storage, drag torque, ergonomics – must be balanced against the other to build a high-performing reel, and collectively provide the basis for the design.

Central to performance are weight and retrieve rate. Expressed simply as: retrieve rate per ounce. The Holy Grail is a fly reel design that yields the lightest structure possible for a given diameter, without sacrificing reliability and durability.

Speedster and Guru set the pace with complete structural redesigns. Both reels share an enhanced spool machining technique, focusing material only where it’s needed – the reason why both are significantly lighter and higher performing than their predecessors. But just as importantly, the form and styling of each reel, clearly flow from the same place; allowing the dimensions of structure and function to inspire beauty.

Both Speedster and Guru are offered in absolutely stunning and unique choices of different finishes. Speedster in Midnight and Ember; Guru in Blaze, Arctic and O.G. Both reels are also available in a full-frame, HD version.

The new Speedster reels come in 2/3/4, 4/5/6, 6/7/8, 8/9/10 sizes and are priced at $349.99–$429.99 with spare spools running $159.99–$199.99.

New Guru reels come in 2/3/4, 4/5/6, 6/7/8, and 8/9/10 sizes and are priced at $259.99–$299.99 with spare spools running $129.99–$149.99.


All Waterworks-Lamson reels are offered in at least two finish choices.

New finishes for 2020 include Litespeed in Cinder, a stunning red, and an all-black reel we call Blackout.


Litespeed is also offered in a First Lite Fusion camo finish. The Fusion reel is a collaboration with First Lite in which a share of proceeds will be donated to Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.


Cobalt and Force reels will be offered with three accent colors: Flash, Thermal and Azure.....


Last but not least, Remix and Liquid will add an elegant Smoke finish with burnt orange accent.....

(words and images were provided by Waterworks-Lamson)

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