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New Fly Lines from Scientific Anglers

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Words/Images by Scientific Anglers

Blind casting big flies requires a line that will allow you to do it efficiently and effectively all day long. The new Sonar Musky fly line does just that! With a 30' type 5 sinking head the largest bucktails will get down and stay down on the strip. The slightly larger running line diameter makes the line easier to grip even on the coldest fall mornings. Designed in 2 sizes, 450 grain and 500 grain, the Sonar Musky will carry, shoot and turn over the largest of flies. $89.95


The NEW Scandi head is the line you will want to cast! The Scandi is smooth and forgiving, perfectly suited for a variety of casting styles and any rod. The rear taper has a high contrast sighter to identify the back of the head. The Sonar Leaders and TC Textured tips come in a variety of lengths and weights to pair with the Scandi for swinging at the ideal depth. $54.95


Absolute Flat Mono is the fastest shooting mono available. The rectangle profile reduces line twist and increases grip in fingers. Absolute Flat Mono's harness is tailored per size for optimal shooting with low memory in any condition. The four sizes are individually colored to easily be tracked at distance. Absolute Flat Mono is available in 30m reel fill spools or 600m bulk spools. $14.95 / 30 meters; $199.95 / 600 meters

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