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New Fly Rods for 2020 From Sage

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Words and photos courtesy of Sage Fly Fishing

Trout LL

Sage nods to tradition yet improves performance with the introduction of the TROUT LL fly rod family. Through blank taper optimization and specialized length offerings, the TROUT LL is perfected for wade fishing, closer casts, small flies, and light tippets.

“KonneticHD technology allows us to design this rod to have a supple tip to maximize tippet protection yet have a smooth, easy-loading mid-section to increase feel and feedback throughout the casting stroke,” said Peter Knox, Sage R&D design engineer. “The TROUT LL’s delicate touch and medium action is a dry fly anglers dream.”

The TROUT LL’s classic appearance starts with the mahogany blank highlighted with bronze primary thread wraps and gold trim wraps. Each model has Fuji ceramic stripper guides and the hard-chromed snake guides and tip-tops. A walnut wood insert with bronze up-locking reel seat pair nicely with the super plus, snub-nose, half-wells cork handle. Each rod comes in a tan rod bag with brown logo in a brown powder-coated aluminum rod tube. The TROUT LL is available from 3 through 6-weights in lengths ranging from 7’9” to 9’ and each model will retail for $800.

Trout Spey HD

Trout Spey is now a common method for anglers searching for trout, so Sage introduced the TROUT SPEY HD to capitalize on technology tailored to Trout Spey lines in development and to make the cast effortless.

“Featuring KonneticHD technology and a new fast-action, the TROUT SPEY HD series brings ease to lightweight Spey techniques,” said Sage R&D design engineer Peter Knox. “A more stable tip and smooth power transfer better handles Trout Spey specific lines for an improved casting experience.”

Five models from 10’3” to 11’3” excel with a variety of Trout Spey lines currently offered in the 200-350 grain size range, and its action is designed for Skagit and Scandi style casting techniques with trout appropriate sized flies. The varied models in this family offer anglers more options to select appropriate sizes for each fishery (i.e. fly size, fish size, and environment), while the lengths allow closer retrievals of flies and fish as well as open opportunities in tighter quarters and the ability to cover water most effectively.

The TROUT SPEY HD has a conifer blank color highlighted with Dijon primary thread wraps and tan trim wraps. The Vera wood insert with down-locking reel seat combines nicely with the super plus, full-wells cork handle with decorative composite accent rings and a composite cork fighting butt. The hard-chromed snake guides and tip top and tangle-free, Fuji ceramic stripper guides round out the features.

Available in 1-4-weights in varying lengths, each model will come in a tan rod bag in a tactical green rod tube and retail for $900.


Continuing to offer anglers fly rods to get the job done, Sage introduces the PAYLOAD to deliver big flies and heavy lines more effectively. These fast-action rods have a powerful yet comfortable casting action for such occasions.

“The PAYLOAD features a powerful tip to help pick up heavy lines and the strong mid-section transitions to a more forgiving butt to allow a slower and more relaxed casting stroke,” said Peter Knox, Sage R&D design engineer. “The softer butt allows for impressive leverage when fighting fish, and the slightly shorter rod lengths create an ideal lever for more effortless casts.”

This rod family has extra-large components and oversized snake guides to endure a variety of taxing conditions, and the hard-chrome guide surface offers a hard yet smooth coating to increase shooting distance. The large composite cork fighting butt provides comfort while landing hard-fighting species, and the 10-weight model features a 3-inch rear grip for figure-eighting. The 11-weight includes a rear grip and extended handle for “baseball bat” style casting and to gain extra leverage when fighting large fish from a boat.

All model blanks use Konnetic technology and are tannin colored with burgundy and bronze thread and trim wraps. Tangle-free, Fuji ceramic stripper guides compliment the snake guides, and the heavy-duty aluminum, up-locking reel seat withstands rugged environments. A super plus, full-wells work handle adds to the overall aesthetic yet delivers strength and stability for epic battles. Each PAYLOAD will come in a black ballistic rod tube with dividers and will retail for $550. Available in 6-11 weights.

Expect us to have in-depth reviews of the Trout LL and PAYLOAD rods as soon as we can get our hands on them. All rods will be available in August 2019.

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