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Three Products from Solyce Fly Fishing

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Based in Colorado, Solyce Fly Fishing currently offers three unique products designed to make your fly fishing life easier. Let's dig in and take a closer look.....


This little contraption is quite simplistic yet extremely handy when rigging on the water. The Tippetac has a rubberized slit on the top that's designed to safely hold your tippet or any other portion of loose line while rigging. Both pieces of the Tippetac feature super-strong magnets that let you confidently attach it to many things like a pack, vest, or shirt with no worries of it coming off. The magnets are so strong it can be tough to separate them by pulling apart! I find that simply sliding them apart with my thumb works easily and quickly.

I tried the Tippetac with line sizes ranging from 4-pound to 40-pound and found it worked great to securely hold these different line diameters. With the line held, it keeps both hands free to clip off your fly, tie a knot, dig through a pack....whatever. As an added bonus, the Tippetac's magnets can also easily hold onto any loose flies or even nippers/forceps. It's kind of like having a third hand to help you during the rigging process, but it's so small and low-profile that it doesn't get in the way at all.

FRS-9 Rod Sleeve

Solyce's FRS-9 (folding rod sleeve for 9' fly rods) offers a neat storage and transportation solution. Constructed of nylon with a polyurethane coating to keep it slick and waterproof, this sleeve is made to accommodate a fully-assembled rod/reel setup with the added benefit of being able to fold it in half for quick and easy storage. The integrated reel case is crafted from firm EVA foam and includes a zipper-pull ID tag. Out of all my combos, the largest one I was able to fit was a 7-weight rod with a 3.75" diameter reel attached.

After inserting the rod into the sleeve, zip the reel case shut. Then, using the integrated internal gripper material (the area is shown by two white squares on the outside), separate the rod's center ferrule to break the rod down into two equal halves. Now, simply fold the rod over in half and secure the sections together with the attached Velcro flaps. To reassemble for fishing, just unfold the sleeve, put the center ferrule back together, and slip the rod out of the case. Of note, there's also a small zippered section in the middle of the sleeve (adjacent to the white squares) if you need better access to the center ferrule—something I found especially handy when putting them back together.

Video by Solyce Fly Fishing

The FRS-9 is smart because it lets you transport a fully-rigged rod while keeping it relatively compact, protected, and free from tangles. The sleeve also includes a shoulder strap, web loops, carrying handle, and D-rings.

Fly Wrap

Fly Wrap is a self-adhesive binding that can be used for a variety of purposes, with one being to cover and secure a fly or flies (especially on a multi-fly rig) before inserting your rod into the FRS-9 sleeve. Non-sticky and easy to use, Fly Wrap easily binds to itself and can be reused.


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