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Quick Review: Redington WAYWARD FLANNEL Shirt

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

It's wintertime, and for many anglers that means busting out the warm clothing. When it comes to cold weather fishing apparel, one of the most popular materials is good ole flannel. A quality flannel shirt is soft, comfortable, and adds a welcome touch of warmth whether layered up or on its own. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, flannel shirts are likely very popular on your local salmon and steelhead river. Personally, I haven't worn flannel in probably twenty years, but when I saw that Redington had released their new WAYWARD FLANNEL shirts, it reminded me that I should revisit this classic material once again.

These new long-sleeve shirts from Redington retail for $69.99 and come in two colors: Lava and Oasis, the latter being the one tested here. Available in sizes M–XXL, they are made from 100% polyester brushed flannel and feel very soft and cozy to the touch.

Redington kept things simple with the overall design. Features include full front snaps, two snap-closure chest pockets (large enough to fit small fly boxes), and buttons on the wrist/cuff that allow for a small amount of adjustment. Additionally, there's a Redington logo on the left-front chest and another on the right side of the back. Stitching and overall quality appears to be excellent with my shirt.

Cool days only come occasionally here in South Florida even in the midst of winter, but so far I've still been able to wear the WAYWARD FLANNEL shirt a number of times on and off the water. The shirt not only looks pretty snazzy, but it fits REALLY well. Redington calls it a "regular fit" which I'm assuming is correctly stated here since the fit is not baggy nor tight. It doesn't hinder me when fly casting or reaching down to unhook a fish, and the material feels great against my skin. Not just enjoyable to wear, it has also proven very efficient at keeping me warm when the temps take a dive. Zero complaints!

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