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Quick Review: Slumberjack Incog and Windage Jackets Review

There is some definite crossover when it comes to apparel for both hunting and fishing.

Think about it: both involve stalking your quarry while trying to remain as unnoticed as possible. Just because a certain piece of clothing isn't specifically made for anglers doesn't mean it can't be a dynamite item to wear out on the water. Case in point: the Incog DST and Windage DST jackets from Slumberjack.

I received both of these garments many months back and was immediately impressed by the quality of both. These jackets don't usually come cheap, but the quality, feel, and fit leaves no disappointments. While both of them boast various features, one thing they both have in common is the use of Slumberjack's "Perception DST" which is short for Disruptive Shadow Technology. In their words:

"Inspired by natural foliage shadows and negative spaces, Slumberjack’s Disruptive Shadow Technology blends sharp outlines with blurred, shadow-like shapes effectively disrupting the human form at long range or in close quarters. Creating an illusion through depth of field and color adaptation, hunters will blend in with varied terrain for ultimate concealment."

Whether you also hunt or not, any camo pattern like this can give you an extra edge when stalking that sneaky carp, rising trout, or in my case, shallow water largemouth bass.

The first of the two jackets I've been wearing is the Incog Jacket DST. Coming in sizes M–2XL, it weighs a lightweight 18.2 ounces and has an extraordinarily soft, smooth feel both inside and out. For the shell, Slumberjack uses a 400T down-proof ripstop brushed polyester shell with a DWR water-resistant coating (it's VERY, VERY water resistant), while the jacket is filled with 600 fill power 80/20 Dri-Down which is said to be an industry-leading hydrophobic down insulation that stays drier and dries faster than regular untreated down.

Other features include a draw-cord hem, elastic cuffs, 3 outside pockets, 2 inside pockets (one is divided), synthetic insulation in the shoulders for added durability when wearing a pack, and a microfiber-lined collar and chin guard that feels really nice.

This is a supremely comfortable jacket that I wore both on and off the water. The fit is described as "relaxed athletic" which I found to be true. It's somewhere in the middle of being form-fitting and loose which lets it look good with just a t-shirt underneath, yet there's some breathing room underneath for light layering.

The Incog has kept me warm on chilly Nevada evenings and on some cool days here at home in Florida. I do wish it was about an inch or two longer, but when you're 6'3" that's a common problem!

The Windage jacket is available in the same M–2XL sizes and weighs 22.8 ounces. While it's not insulated, it is a lightweight, thin design that lends itself well to layering or wearing by itself.

Construction consists of a 3-layer waterproof/breathable, 75D 2-way stretch, brushed polyester with DWR 75D. To keep water out, seams are fully-taped and the zippers are each a water-resistant pu-coated design. Other built-in features include reinforced articulated elbows for durability and ease-of-movement, underarm zips for ventilation, 6 exterior pockets, microfiber chin guard, patch panel on each shoulder, adjustable hem, velcro-adjustable cuffs, and a fitted hood with visor.

The Windage jacket sports the same versatile "relaxed athletic" cut as the Incog so it's great on its own or over something like a sweatshirt. I wore it on the water in some light to moderate rain showers and found that mobility was very good and I stayed dry.

Hoods can sometimes be oddly sized, but this one is excellent as it provides full coverage without being too massive and cumbersome. The various zippers worked perfectly and the zippered underarm vents added some nice airflow when walking around in warm rain showers. The front also zips up nice and tall to give solid protection to the lower portion of the face.

I don't know if this is a limited time deal or what, but as of now (almost Christmas 2018) the Incog Jacket is marked down from $139.95 to $70 while the Windage is marked down from $149.95 to just $75.

After wearing both for some time now, I have to say that's a very, very tempting bargain if you're in need of some top-notch outdoor gear. Who cares if it's not built specifically for anglers? They get the job done, and do it extremely well!

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