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IFTD 2018: Scott F Series Fiberglass Fly Rods

Trout? Panfish? Whenever you're plying smaller waters, the new Scott F Series fiberglass rods look like they'll be a downright blast to fish. Utilizing new slimmer tapers and a redesigned hollow internal ferrule, these rods felt light, responsive, and buttery smooth when flexed in hand.

Scott says the soft, full-flexing action is ideal for casts under 20 feet, but of course longer presentations are not out of the question. These rods are manufactured with a special Fiberfuse resin along with a careful distribution of mass/stiffness, thus giving each rod increased stability, accuracy, and just overall better performance. This is not the limp noodle glass rod of yesteryear!

These stunning rods exhibit a classic natural finish and come equipped with titanium-framed SiC stripper guides, Snake Brand Universal Snake Guides, alignment dots at the ferrule joints, cork reel seats with black up-locking CNC-milled hardware, and flor-grade cork.

Models include: (4-piece) 6'2" 2-weight ; 5'8" 3-weight ; 6'6" 3-weight ; 7'2" 4-weight ; in addition, there's a 5-piece 7'2" 3-weight. Price is set at $695 for any model.

*These rods are expected to ship in August!

Scott F Series Fly Rods

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