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NEW Loon Tin Weights

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Best known for their fly tying tools and awesome UV resins, Loon Outdoors offers other useful items for fly anglers, too.

For those of you that use small shot to help get the fly down to the fish, you may have experienced frustration or disappointment with these products before. Sure, they basically get the job done, but can improvements be made? Whether it has to do with aspects like coloration, ease-of-use, or (regarding lead shot) environmental impact, many of you would likely say "yes!" If you're one of those anglers wanting more, Loon Outdoors may just have the answer with their new Tin Weights called Black Drops and Camo Drops.

These non-toxic tin weights are textured to prevent slippage on the line and are double cut to be easily opened and closed without a special tool. Going with the stealthy approach, they all showcase matte-finished coatings that are designed with durability in mind. For the rigors of nymphing or whatever else you plan on putting these weights through, they sound like they should be up to the task.

Each refillable dispenser is clearly marked with the included size/weight for easy reference. Loon offers two different series' of weight containers. First, a small "Single Shot" series is available in either a "Twist Pot" or "Refill Tub" container. Each container holds one size and one color (black or camo) of weights.

Second are the "Multi-Packs." Also available in black or camo, these containers are divided into either 4, 6, or 8 sections (aka "divisions") with each section holding a different size weight. There's also a handy sticker on top of these dispensers that show you what size weight each section holds.

The black or camo colors are well-suited to a multitude of aquatic conditions to help blend into the surrounding environment with no fish-spooking shine or flash. I also think the camo drops look especially cool, too!

In a quick testing session, I found these weights were indeed simple to use. Using my Loon Rogue Forceps, I had no problem easily pinching the weights onto the line without having to squash them. When attached properly, they grabbed the line firmly and didn't readily slide. Since each weight features a small cut in the rear, using the forceps to pinch the back end opens the weight back up allowing you to loosen its grip for adjustment or to simply remove it entirely.

I don't have any rock-infested trout streams even remotely nearby to test the durability of these in the way most folks will likely be using them, so I just did a little scratch test using the teeth of some heavy-duty pliers. Modestly sawing back and forth for a few seconds would cuff and wear away some paint, but I'd much rather see how they hold up in a real-world river fishing situation. Unfortunately, that may be a while for me!

Prices are as follows:

Twist Pots: $8.95

Refill tub: $6.50


4 Division: $12.50

6 Division: $17.50

8 Division: $25.50

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