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YETI 26 Ounce Rambler and Chug Cap Review

Updated: Oct 28, 2021


Currently offered in several types of drinkware ranging from from jugs to a small colster, the Rambler lineup from YETI is both wildly-popular and ultra-useful. Part of this Rambler product family is made up of three different water bottles including 18, 26, and 36 ounce sizes. Of particular interest to me was the new 26-ouncer. From fitness to fishing, I'm constantly in need of hydration and the medium size of this bottle seemed ideal for those times when a smaller one just won't fully cut it.

Material: 18/8 stainless steel

Dimensions: 10 1/4 inches (height); 3 3/8 inches (width)

Weight: 18.3 ounces

Capacity: 26 ounces

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Colors: Stainless steel (tested) or 5 custom colors

Price: $39.99

No surprises with the construction of the YETI Rambler 26. My bottle sports nice smooth edges and curves with one small YETI logo down low and a second larger one on the very bottom of the bottle. The plastic Triple Haul Cap (aptly named as it can be held with 3 fingers) boasts equally refined craftsmanship.


To say I've been using my Rambler a lot would be putting it mildly. It's seen nearly daily use since it arrived around 3 months ago! Whether it's work, fishing, running, or just driving my truck around taking care of errands, it's often either in my hand or at least readily available nearby. YETI states that the bottle is both puncture and rust-resistant, and in my time with it so far it looks nearly new except for some small scuffs and scratches.

Removing the (leak-proof) Triple Haul cap is achieved in about 1 1/2 turns. When removed, you'll find that the width of the opening makes filling it with water or full-sized ice cubes easy. Additionally, another plus is that it fits over my nose easily while drinking. However, one downside regarding the width of the bottom of the bottle is that it doesn't fit in every cup holder I've tried thus far.

The bottom of the Rambler isn't prone to sliding around and it also won't leave a damp sweat ring on a table top.

The YETI Rambler 26 comes equipped with double-wall vacuum insulation that does a phenomenal job holding the optimal temperature. While suitable for both cold and hot beverages, I used mine exclusively for keeping water cold. On some fishing trips, I've filled the bottle with water and a few ice cubes early in the morning and found that the water was still very cold even when taking sips of it up to 8 hours later!

The new shatter-resistant and dishwasher-safe Chug Cap is a great solution for drinking with even more ease. The Chug Cap screws into the top of the Rambler and features an opening just like you'd find on a water bottle. It also includes a cap that's similar to the standard Triple Haul Cap, except it twists off much faster needing only about a half turn to come off. The Chug Cap definitely makes drinking a little simpler due to the speed of cap removal and the fact that the liquid/ice cubes inside won't slosh out so easily which allows for smoother drinking while moving about. Suitable for any Rambler bottle, the Chug Cap package will set you back $9.99.


When a soothing gulp of your favorite beverage is needed, it's a real disappointment when you take that first sip and discover that the temperature of it is wayyyyy off. As a user of typical plastic bottles until just recently, I can say that I'm never going back. Not only is it more environmentally-friendly to cut back on plastic water bottle usage, but drinks taste a heck of a lot better when at the right temperature. From the woods to the water, the Rambler 26 and Chug Cap are mighty handy! Give em' a shot!

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