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Loon Outdoors Rechargeable UV Infinity Light Review

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Loon Outdoors is well-known for their quality fly fishing and fly tying products. Some of Loon's most popular offerings include a lineup of UV resins made for everything from fly tying to repairing busted waders. Rather than sitting around waiting for a typical formula to dry and cure, these UV resins take mere seconds to harden when exposed to UV light. Since you'll want to apply these special Loon resins indoors or in the shade so they actually remain liquified and usable, you'll also want a UV flashlight as an easy way to quickly and thoroughly cure them after application. While Loon currently offers three different UV flashlights, the new UV Infinity Light is especially unique because it's their most powerful and is also rechargeable!

Measuring approximately 5-inches-long and weighing in the neighborhood of 4.3 ounces (with battery), the UV Infinity light remains extremely compact and easy to handle. Various angles and textures on the light's surface help provide a pleasing, comfortable, sure grip, and there's a small on/off button that turns red when the charge is low and green when it's ready to go. Providing the power is an 18650 battery that's housed inside the body and is accessed by unscrewing the bottom cap. Note: the battery comes wrapped in plastic and won't hold a charge until it's removed and unwrapped. There's also a small removable wrist strap attached to this same bottom cap.

Recharging the light is easy thanks to the included black USB cable. Simply plug the small end into the receptacle on the light and the larger end into a power source. The USB cable itself is somewhat short and measures approximately 20-inches-long.

Boasting a 10-watt output, this light has plenty of juice to cure Loon's UV products quickly. The light is turned on by simply pressing the power button and turned off by holding it down for about 2 seconds. I tested the power of mine while building heads on some baitfish streamers with the Loon UV Thick resin and found that everything was cured when I checked after a count to 15. Complete curing very well may have taken a few less seconds, but the point is it's FAST and saves a TON of time over traditional methods.

Thus far, I've had the light turned on for a combined total of probably a little over an hour and the power button still shows green. The need to recharge will likely be infrequent for most occasional fly tyers like myself, but it's nice to know it can be done by simply plugging-in the light without having to remove or replace any batteries. Also, I found the light works while it's plugged-in, even with the battery removed.

The Loon Outdoors Rechargeable UV Infinity Light retails for $59.95 which of course includes the USB cord and battery.

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