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IFTD 2017: Douglas Upstream Plus....Plus New Additions!

Upstream Plus Fly Rod Series: In addition to the standard Upstream fly rods, Douglas recently introduced an Upstream Plus lineup. The main difference in the Plus is the fact that these rods are slightly faster and sport a different reel seat design that’s better equipped for tangling with larger trout. Although they’re a little quicker, they are still made to posses a sweet, progressive action to keep feel and delicate presentations at the forefront.

The finish is beautifully vintage in appearance, with a bamboo-ish blank color and clear guide wraps. Speaking of guides, there’s a single stripping guide with ceramic insert, along with snake guides, all of which are finished in black nickel for a nice contrast. Down below, the grips are snub-nosed premium cork with composite ends, and next door you’ll find a silver aluminum reel seat with cork insert and single up-lock for a secure fit. Each rod is 4-pieces and joins via spigot ferrules.

Douglas Upstream Plus fly rods are currently available and come in 9’0” lengths in 4,5, and 6-weight sizes. No matter what model is chosen, expect a price tag of $495 which includes an aluminum tube and cloth sock.

Also, there’s a new 9’0” 6-weight joining the existing SKY lineup of fly rods. Expect this rod sometime in August at a price of $695. Not to be outdone, new SKY 5 and 7-weight switch rods each measuring 11’4” are also on the way, but no word yet on pricing or availability. Finally, keep an eye out for a 9’6” 6-weight joining the DXF family of rods. This model will come equipped with a full-wells grip and fighting butt. No word on pricing, but expect arrival during the month of August.

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